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Food Web

No description

Nichole Maldonado

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of Food Web

Describe producer/consumer, predator/prey, and parasite/host relationships as they occur in food webs within freshwater, marine, and terrestrial ecosystems.120
BY Nichole Maldonado
Producer: a living organism that makes food.
Consumer: a living organism that eats/consumes another organism for energy
The consumer eats the producer giving it energy
Consumer: Mouse
Producer: Seeds
Gus (consumer) consumes the seed(producer) to gain energy
Predator: an animal that eats another animal.
Prey: an animal that is eaten by another animal.
The predator eats the prey.
Predator: Lion
Prey: Antelope
Simba (predator) eats the antelope(prey) for energy. The antelope dies.
Parasite: an organism that lives on another organism and benefits from it.
Host: The organism that the parasite lives on. It can be benefited or harmed by the parasite.
The Parasite benefits from the host. The host can be harmed or benefited from the parasite.
Parasite: Ticks
Host: Dog
The ticks (parasite) live on Tramp. They eat his flesh for energy causing Tramp pain.
Terrestrial Food Web
Freshwater Food Web
I will be able to investigate how organisms and populations in an ecosystem depend on and may compete for biotic and abiotic factors: quantity of light, water, range of temperatures, and soil composition.
Organism: a living thing
Population: The same kind of organisms that live in the same area during the same time.
Biotic: living thing(s)
Biotic: Dog
Biotic: Horse
Biotic: Fish
Biotic: Cat
Abiotic: Non-living
Abiotic: Rock
Abiotic: Water
Abiotic: Boot
Abiotic: Soil
Thanks for watching!!
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