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Animal Evolution Project Information

No description

Natalie Ferguson

on 6 November 2015

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Transcript of Animal Evolution Project Information

Animal Evolution Project Information
What is the oldest animal that is related to your animal?
What did it look like?
What was its life like?
What kind of traits/adaptations/characteristics does it have?
Earliest Ancestor of My Animal
What other ancestors does it have? (Make sure that the organisms are older than the other?)
What did it live like?
What kind of traits did it have?
What are the intermediate Ancestors?
compare the different traits and adaptations of the modern animal versus the ancestor
why do they look so different? so similar?
Modern vs. Ancestor
What differences in their environments led to those different adaptations?
What kinds of food does the modern one eat compared to the older one? How do their traits reflect that?
Why did the ancestor go extinct?
Compare Environmental Impacts
characteristics that help the animal to survive and reproduce!
Timeline of Evolution
How long ago did the ancestor live?
How long ago did the intermediates live?
Animal Habitat and Location in the World
Where does it live? Country?
What is its habitat like?
What does it eat? What eats it?

Environmental Pressures on Animals
Definition: Environmental Pressures
Environmental pressure is something that could affect the health or life of an animal. For example, the environmental pressures for an animal could be a shortage of water, shortage of food, shortage of space, and predators
What are people doing that may be hurting this animal's population?
Why is the animal going extinct?
What about its environment is causing it to be endangered?
hint: look at the "Threats" on the WWF website for that animal.
Predict the future!
IF nothing changes, what will happen to this animal???
With current preservation efforts, do you think the animal will be around for your grandkids?
If you had the money, what would you do to save your animal?!
2 minutes
3 cool facts and descriptions
Tell class why it is going extinct
What are you going to do to help it
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