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Jacksonian Democracy

A prezi on Jackson and the Age of Reform

Ben Baer

on 28 July 2016

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Transcript of Jacksonian Democracy

The Age of Jackson
Old Hickory
7th President of the United States
Military leader
no formal education
kind of a red neck
gets in duels
indian killer
champion of the people
The First Party System
Jeffersonian Democracy
Democratic- Republicans
The Federalists

Alexander Hamilton
Want a strong national government
create a national banking system
create a army
want a strong President ( borderline King)
Thomas Jefferson
wants more power reserved for states.
give most power to Congress
cut back on government programs
cut back on taxes
Never Ending Debate
The Left
The Right
issues on the power of federal government versus state government never really go away. They will fester and become the cause of the Civil war. In modern day we refer to the two sides as Conservative (right) and liberal (left).
The Second Party System
Jacksonian Democracy
1832- today
Parties are based on different platforms rather than the debate of state and national power. (each party blurs these some.)
follow the will of the people
win first election by non land owners
fear the rule of the people
want government to lead the way.
form in opposition to Jackson's party
Influence on today
Obviously the Democratic party still survives today, and the Whig party will evolve over time and form the basis of the Republican party.
Overtime their ideas (platform) change.
debates still wage on whether government officials should act on what they think is best, or respond purely to the will of the people.
for example we still use an electoral college to elect the president.
jackson's political organization
Biography of Jackson
Rural upbringing
War Hero
born in the backwoods of North carolina
no formal education
" it's a damn poor mind that can think of only one way to spell a word!"
Savior of New Orleans
during the war of 1812
gets a chance to attack the hated British
The Creek War
The Seminole War

Revolutionary War
served as a courier at the age of 12
he and brother were pows after passing out from heat stroke.
ordered to clean boots recieved thrashing
brother dies in captivity.
mother dies of small pox
orphan at age of 14
Will hate all things British
Rachel Jackson somewhat atypical.
some skeletons in her closet (divorcee)
Jackson defends her honor.
duel for honor
103 times
6 kills
wounded near his heart
20 years later
"old Hickory rattles like a bag of marbles."
Movie Summary
Assasination attempt
Another Movie Summary

Election of 1824
Who wins?
The Election of 1828

vote goes to the House of Representatives.
Clay is the Speaker of the House
he dislines Jackson: “I cannot believe that killing 2,500 Englishmen at New Orleans qualifies for the various, difficult, and complicated duties of the Chief Magistracy."- Clay
throws his support behind Adams.
Adams wins Presidency
Adams appoints Clay as Secretary of States
lots of mudslinging
tragic victory
" May god forgive my wife's tormentors... as I know she has... but I never will."
The Jackson Presidency
Appeal to the Common Man
believed his job was to represent the will of the masses.
would use and threaten to veto bills not in the publics best interest.
non-land owners got to vote
Lassiez-Faire Economics
wanted to keep the government out of the economy
distrusted paper currency
destroyed the Second National bank
today we have a 3rd national bank known as the Federal Reserve

The Spoils system

The Nullification Crisis
The Tariff of Abominations: a high tariff put in place by Congress. Particularly harmful to the South.
South Carolina: attempts to " nullify" or disregard the tariff in their state because they deem it unconstiutional, threaten to secede from the Union.
" I can have within the limits of South Carolina fifty thousand men, and in forty days another fifty thousand... the Union will be preserved. "- Jackson
practice of the political party in power giving jobs and appointments to its supporters, rather than to people based on their qualifications
" to the victor goes the spoils..."
Jackson believed that patronage was not only his right, but his duty

AKA the Petticoat Affair
Peggy O'Neil (Eaton)
questionable past
The Eatons
rejected by society
fires cabinet and vice president calhoun
Van Buren
leads to creation of the kitchen cabinet
an informal group of advisors to Jackson
The Trail of Tears
the forceful evacuation of Indians living in the southeast to other lands
of the 15,000 cherokee evacuated 4,000 people, mainly the elderly and very young, died.
So was Jackson a good president?
Review Terms
Old Hickory
Jeffersonian democracy
jacksonian democracy
Liberal (Left)
Conservative (right)
Democratic Party
Battle of New Orleans
The Corrupt bargain
mudslinging election of 1828
spoils system
kitchen cabinet

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