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Field Experience Summary

EDUC 202-001

Brianna Semonchuk

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of Field Experience Summary

Field Experience Summary !
Brianna Semonchuk
EDUC 202-001
Eagle Elementary School
of the Arts
Mrs. Scott's
Kindergarten Class !
Joint School District No. 2
(Principal Gary Kohlmeier)
"All students can learn."
Class Fun Facts
Teaching experience 1 year

Student count 20
(12 girls & 8 boys)
(Eagle Elementary)
9 out of 10 GreatSchools Rating
426 students
Exploratory class options
(drama, music, dance, etc.)
Volunteers !
Did anyone observe a grandpa helper in the classroom? How did they interact with the students and the teacher?
No grandpas, but we did get help from a student's grandmother and great-grandmother!
They came in every Thursday to help the students practice reading!
Eagle Elementary takes pride in their volunteers

Help from parent volunteers four out of five days a week

Parent+Teacher communication is key

(success starts at home)
How have your observations shaped your decision in teaching? Positive and/or negative?
Incredible opportunity to see what it's really like

Art, PE, Literature, Science, Math, ELL?

... Counseling?
Overall, it was an incredible experience

Learned a lot about teaching
....and a lot about myself

Next time, I'd like to observe 2nd or 3rd grade

Final Thoughts...
If given the opportunity, is there anything you
would have changed or done differently during
your observations?
I wish I had volunteered
to teach a lesson on my own!
Did you get an opportunity to work in small groups or on their assignments?
Group work helped me focus on my teaching style

Got to understand the students' learning styles

Learned the areas I need to focus on for improvement
* patience IS a virtue!
Classroom Organization
Did you have to be in the classroom with a substitute teacher at any point?
How did you handle it?
(Not so much how I handled it, but rather how the students handled it...)

Energy levels + + +

I helped the substitute wherever I could
(confidence = classroom control)
Does your classroom have a good balance of learning styles? Is there independent work time, hands on projects, team activities from what you observed?
There was a good flow in the daily lesson plans

Alternating group work / individual work throughout the day

Sometimes, students were allowed to work in groups or pairs to help classmates

Lots of hands-on projects & visual presentations
Idaho C1

Idaho Reading Indicator
(IRI Exam)
"The purpose of the assessment, the Idaho Reading Indicator (IRI), is to indicate which children are most likely going to be
at-risk of failure with skills that are prerequisite for being successful readers throughout life."
GreatSchools Rating is based on IRI Exam score

* Tracking, Tracking, Tracking
Impact on students?
Impact on teachers?
students leave class for short periods of time to practice IRI skills
(missing valuable instruction time)
Pressure on teachers to reach IRI goals makes practice for IRI necessary.
Without help from parent volunteers, it would have been much more of a struggle to reach these expectations.

Projector displays images from the computer, as well as from the teacher's desk
(this seemed to be especially helpful in showing examples for worksheets)

SmartBoard was used to make lessons more interactive & fun for the students
Influenced by Idaho Core Standards, Common Core Standards, and the IRI Exam

Worksheets, art projects, group & individual reading

Curriculum presented in a variety of ways to appeal to various learning styles
* kinesthetic (hands-on) learners & visual learners
Cubbies to store daily assignments, homework, newsletter, etc.
Backpack & coat hangers to keep the classroom organized
Computer station on the side of the classroom by teacher's desk
Area rug for daily calendar review & story time
(3 computers)

Students take turns on the computer station for 15 minutes each day

* WATERFORD Early Learning
(language arts, math, and science)
6 tables, each with 4 seats
(this allows for easy group
work transition)
Classroom Rules
Upper-Middle class student majority
(HUGE factor in parent involvement)

Learning ability & skill level varies widely among students
(can typically tell if the student attended preschool)

Positive school culture & atmosphere

Teacher collaboration
How does your teacher help those students who seem to be falling behind because they just aren't understanding the material?
Students get one-on-one practice with parent volunteers, speech and language specialists, and teacher if time allows

Try to keep easily-distracted students on task
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