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PSA: Animal Abuse

My PSA project for the topic of animal abuse

Jeff Huang

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of PSA: Animal Abuse

PSA- Animal Cruelty By:Jeffrey Ma Animal cruelty is,as the name suggests, the act of deliberately harming or causing suffering to animals. This issue affects animals worldwide and is extremely serious.

Although for the sake of my PSA I will speak mostly of cruelty to domestic animals that are commonly kept as pets, like cats and dogs, many animals that are not domesticated (e.g. sharks) and animals that are domesticated but not kept as pets (e.g. farm animals) are also abused.

Animal cruelty generally falls into two main categories: neglect, and intentional cruelty. What is Animal Cruelty Neglect is abuse by means of neglecting and not providing him/her with adequate care. If found guilty of animal neglect the owner will have his/her pet confiscated.Examples include: Neglect Intentional cruelty is,in my opinion, even more cruel and horrific then neglect. Intentional cruelty is when the owner physically harms the animal deliberately. Examples include: Intentional cruelty Indications of Animal Cruelty failure to provide adequate nourishment (starving or dehydrating the animal)
failure to provide adequate shelter (including lack of proper light, ventilation, space, and sanitation)
failing to provide appropriate medical care when needed beating
stabbing Other examples are puppy mills,
illegal dog fighting arenas, and illegal cock fighting arenas. Many perpetrators of animal abuse are quite sneaky and it can be very difficult to distinguish animal abusers. Animal abuse usually happens behind closed doors but if it is discovered legal action can be taken quickly. Indications of animals suffereing from abuse are: noticeable wounds
severely overgrown fingernails
signs of starvation
severe infestations
patches of missing hair
How can you help If you suspect an animal is suffering from animal cruelty there are numerous options you can take to help. These include: contacting local SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
contact Crime Stoppers (1-800-222-8477)
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