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Secrets, Lies, and Algebra Book Talk

No description

Linda Olvera

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Secrets, Lies, and Algebra Book Talk

Prezi By Linda Olvera Secrets, Lies and Algebra
By: Wendy Litchman Additional Information Themes and Life Lessons -The theme of the book is to never give up when your in a tough situation
-One life lesson from this book is that math can sometimes help you out will problems or situations in real life.
-The mood of this book and of the author's was great. Rating and Recommendation I give this book a 9 out of 10. It really caught my attention and I like how the author describes the setting and the characters.
I could relate to Tess in this book because I love math just like her.
I would recommend this book to children ages 12-14. Summary Setting This story takes place in Westlake Middle School, and at Tess' house (which by the way is the main character) Characters Genre The genre of this book is more of a mystery fiction. The reason why i think it's mystery fiction is because the mysteries that happen in this book can be true. For example someone being accused of a murder can be a true case in real life as it is in this book. The characters in this book are... *Tess- is the main character of the book and she loves math a lot.
*Sammy- is one of those very smart students. She is also one of Tess' best friends.
*Miranda- is a friend of Tess
*Mr. Wright- is Tess' social studies teacher that helps Tess figure out a mystery Tess is just trying to have good year in middle school. She is in the 8th grade and is such a math wiz. She had her best friend Sammy and Miranda right by her side , but doesn't keep Miranda as a friend for long because Tess distrust Miranda.
Just when Tess thinks everything was going alright for her, things started to build up. Her mom's friend Rob had a wife an she died, but nobody knew what happened to her, so Tess has in mind that Rob had killed his wife. Also in her Social Studies class there were 3 cheaters that cheated on the constitutional test and Mr. Wright seemed to notice that he was missing one of the test papers. With those to mysteries Tess might know who stole the test and who cheated. Looks like Tess has some work to do.
As you can she Tess knows that there is something very suspicious going on with each problem , so she has to get down to the bottom of this. If you want to know what Tess' final conclusions are, read the book to find out. You will be amazed. Tess Did you know that The Constitution of the United States is the supreme law of the U.S.?
When the Constitution was getting started only 12 out of 13 states took part of this writing. The Constitution was created in September 17, 1778.James Madison is considered the father of the Constitution. The Bill of Right are in the constitution.
This information would be helpful to students if they would like to do a report on the Constitution or they would just like to learn more e about the Constitution.
Website- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Constitution
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