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Windows 7 and File Management

BPC110 Lecture Module 1

Sara Mercill

on 21 August 2013

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Transcript of Windows 7 and File Management

File Management & Windows 7
how to manage and save files ...
Other Cool Tools
The Control Panel
What is cool about Windows 7?
the basics
Are you having fun yet?
Hold on and
try not to get too dizzy!
What is Windows 7?
It is the Operating System
also known as
System Software.
It is called a
(Graphical User Interface).
Like a virtual desktop.
Will you be messy?
Or organized?
You better say: "Organized"!
Or you will get lost in a black hole ...
You might know some of this already ...
This is the F1 Key
Yes, this stuff is going to be on the test!
This is now you getting lost in a
black hole of disorganization!
... but then again you may learn something new
This is where data is saved
Pictures (
.jpg or .bmp or .gif
Word documents (
Excel files (
Web pages (
Music (
.mp3 or .mp4
Video (
.mpg or .avi
also known as the
.XLSX is the EXCEL file extension
YouTube videos are typically .AVI or MP4 files
Pictures are saved as .JPG sometimes
Music comes in .MP3 or .MP4 formats
Managing Your Files is KEY
Want to see good file management?
Basic Commands
Managing Files
It is where you save your files
Files go inside folders
Folders take up no space on your hard drive
The file cabinet represents your hard drive
This drawer represents a folder
You could name it BPC110
This could be a WORD document
saved as a
This could be a picture of
you at Disneyland
The Folder Window
It's what you will use
to manage files in
Windows 7
"Oh No!!!!!
I did not listen to my teacher and now I am being sucked into the
black hole of bad file management."
Oh yes, there is even more ...
The Snipping Tool
The Shake Tool
The Snap Tool
The Peek Tool
Peek a Boo
I see You!
If you made it to this point ...
Refer to the Power Point for the linear version.
It has all the same material as this Prezi.
Good Job!
Thank You!
This would be a .JPG file
Go Artichokes!
... is now over
The ride ...
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