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Case Study on the Influence of Having OFWs as Parents on their Adolescent Children's Studying Habits

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Kazumi Makoto

on 5 August 2013

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Transcript of Case Study on the Influence of Having OFWs as Parents on their Adolescent Children's Studying Habits

A Case Study on the Influences of Having OFWs as Parents to their Adolescent Children's Studying Habits
Points of Interest:
Common/ present issue among youth
REALITY: Increasing number of OFW parents
survey: Scholasticans from years 7 to 10, limiting the scope to 10 students per section
Interview: 1) Students with OFWs as Parents, 2) Spouses of OFWs
Recent or past investigation on topics akin to the study
Dilemmas to Encounter:
* Uncooperative interviewees
May be uncomfortable sharing their personal lives and academic standing
Aims & Objectives of the Study
* Inform parents the effects of their decisions in working abroad
* Impart knowledge to parents thinking of becoming OFWs
* Determine causes & effects of its influences to youth's studying habits
Theoretical Basis
of the Topic

A study by Rebecca Deutscher, Ph.D. and Mary Ibe, M.A. Lewis Center for Educational Research, Apple Valley, California focused on how Parent Involvement affect Children’s Academic Performance

Other researches based or related to the topic
Benefactors & Benefits
* OFW Parents: caution & awareness on its negative effects
* Students exposed to this issue may use these problems as a basis for their future plans
*EFFECTS of this problem, which is having OFWs as parents, to the affected group's (which is their adolescent children) grades.
Responses to Aims
* General conclusion deduced from survey and interviews
Thesis Statement:

Having OFWs as parents influence the decline of the adolescent's focus on their studying habits.
8 Honey Dianne Carag
12 Colleen Cruz
14 Patricia Dela Peña
17 Zia Enriquez
19 Miyya Ortega Garcia
20 Veigh Gogola
31 Cara Olaguer
33 Kemiko Paras
Group 5
Case Study
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