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The Giver : Plot Diagram

Plot Diagram for The Giver

Prambir M

on 14 May 2015

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Transcript of The Giver : Plot Diagram

Plot Diagram
The Giver by Lois Lowry
Protagonist - Jonas & The Giver
Antagonist - The community
Setting - Time - Sometime in the future
Setting - Place -The community
Rising Action
1.) Jonas was worried about what his assignment would be.
2.) Jonas was chosen as the Receiver.
3.) Jonas received his first memory from The Giver (Sled)
4.) Jonas finds out he is able to share memories with Gabe
5.) Jonas exeriences real pain for the first time
Jonas's Conflicts
Whether or not he should accept his role as the receiver or live the life he’s always lived

Whether or not he should save the life of Gabe by leaving the community

The community did not have knowledge about many things, making their “perfect” society full of imperfections.
10.) Jonas asks the Giver for a second time what ‘release’ is and the Giver shows him a video of his father injecting one out of two twins and the baby no longer moves.

He realizes that ‘release’ means death and no longer wants to live in his community.
Falling Action
1.) Jonas & the Giver argue over if he should leave the community or if there’s another option
2.) The Giver decides that it’s best if Jonas leaves the community, and they plan his escape.
3.) Jonas rides away on his bike, along with Gabe and his belongs, into the forest.
4.) Jonas and Gabe hear airplanes flying over the forest, looking for them.
5.) They ride a sled down a snow hill, and ends up on the ground.
1.) Jonas left the community to save Gabriel and the community. All the memories he had received were released to everyone inside his old community, making them gain more knowledge. Jonas and Gabe reach a home at the bottom of the hill
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