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Monday, September 14, 2015

No description

Amy Swanson

on 6 September 2016

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Transcript of Monday, September 14, 2015

Monday, September 14, 2015
Article of the Week
Today you will receive your second Article of the Week. We will do this one together, throughout the week.

Today we will:
-Pre-read the questions.
-Annotate with purpose.
-Respond to the first five questions in section 1.

Greek and Latin Roots Picto-Quiz
REMEMBER!! You will have a quiz on the roots and related words on Wed. 9/16! Study!
Laptop Assignments
A quick note: if you have finished and printed your poem, you should log off, shut down, and store your laptop. You may then read or free write.
Name Poems
1. Compose your ten-line name poem, thoughtfully.
2. Revise and edit your name poem. Make it perfect.
3. Check the poem against the rubric.
4. Either add images, borders, etc. to make it lovely, or print it and then color/illustrate it.
Parts of Speech Review
The standards for 8th grade focus largely on verbals (we'll talk about this later). However, we need the shared foundation of the parts of speech to do any grammar, as well as to communicate about improving your writing. We will review the parts of speech all week. Today, we'll cover NOUNS and VERBS.
Do Now Topic
This week's topic for the "do now" will be SELFISHNESS.

Take a moment now to write down something you already think or feel about the concept of selfishness in the circle in the lower left-hand corner of your paper.
Do Now 9/14
Copy the quote completely and accurately, including the author's name.
Respond meaningfully:

"Great achievement is usually born of great sacrifice, and is never the result of selfishness."
-Napoleon Hill

Now, see if you can identify which word from this week's list each picture represents.
#1. Myjaun
#2. Lindsay
#3. Jason V.
#4. Fatima
#6. Kiyona
#7. Quinn
#8. Aaron
#9. Matt
#10. Prisha
#11. Jason B.
#12. Courtney
#13. Aidan
#14. Brendan
#15. Madison
#16. Adam
#17. Dani
#18. Luke
#19. Gian
#1. Brian H.
#2. Elena
#3. Fabienne
#4. Carolyn
#7. Jack C.
#8. Sean
#9. Declan
#10. Tyler
#11. Ben
#12. Derek
#13. Brian S.
#14. Nick
#15. Bethany

#16. Lauren
#17. Aaron
#18. Vaughn
#19. Erin
#20. Jeff
#22. Jack H.
#23. Tommy
#24. Matt
#25. Julia
Print your poem to Ms. Pruden's lab printer, which prints in color. WAIT until the end of class, or thereabouts, and send a SINGLE emissary to retrieve ALL the poems.
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