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teaching & learning in the "Cloud"

by alexandra pickett on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of teaching & learning in the "Cloud"

web2.0 ETAP640: teaching & learning in the "cloud" Twitter
edublogs (wordpress)
Adobe Breeze Presenter january 2008: top 10 list: seesmic
youtube quickcapture
the flip video
diigo & groups
slideshare & groups
facebook groups and pages
flickr & groups
rockyou, animoto, wordle, prezi april 2009: top 10 list: I feel an obligation to:




& expose and engage students & faculty to and in this process. Why? i am a learner too! to explore, test, & evaluate
to add bling (i.e., interaction, engagement, visual appeal)
to provide student access beyond the end of the term.
to blur the boundaries of the "box" - take them "out" AND bring others "in"! what happened ? How?!

Demo Microblogging, Video discussion & Intro to social networking
Communication, access
Cool, easy, engaging, interactive, visually slick.
Build class community, social presence, public, access beyond the end of term. Announcements Course Welcome How?
YouTube Quick Capture

Build class community, social presence, personal, embedded. Course Icebreaker How? - embedded!
Course introductions/comments in 5 different ways.

Cool, easy, engaging, interactive, multimedia, embedded.
Build class community, social presence, choices, public, personalized, ownership, access beyond the end of term. Course Blogs How?

Build class community, social & teaching presences
Public, personalized, ownership, develop writing skills, access beyond the end of term.
Self-reflection/evaluation enhance learning & provide opportunities to demonstrate making their thinking visible. Shared References How?

Why? - Social bookmarking features (bookmarks, highlight, comment, stickies annotation, public & restricted access/groups, discussion, tagging)
Cool, easy, engaging, interactive, multimedia, embedded linkroll widget.
Build class community, social presence, choices, public, personalized, ownership, access beyond the end of term. Voice-annotated Lecture Synchronous Chat How?

IM features (instant, clientless, embedded widget)
Cool, easy, engaging, interactive, support.
Build class community, teaching/social presence, choices.

What happened?
Only used with a couple of the students. Made an effort to engage with students on it subsequently to check-in and for social presence. How?

Cool, easy, engaging, interactive, slick.
Build class community, social/teaching presences, choice. Interviews & Observations How?
Podcasted Interviews

Guided tours of exemplar courses- to focus observations. To make podcasts more engaging/”interactive.” Cool, easy, engaging, choice. How?

Cool, easy, engaging, personal, social presence, teaching presence, embedded. Screencast Instructions & Feeback How?
Polldaddy online survey Course Feedback THANK YOU! share what you know! Join my networks! 2000 EDUCAUSE award for Systemic Progress in Teaching and Learning

2001 Sloan-C award for Excellence in ALN Faculty Development

2002 Sloan-C award for Excellence in Institution-Wide ALN Programming

2006 USDLA 21st Century Best Practice Award - Online Technology - Higher Education

2009 NUTN award for Distance Education Innovation According to my students I am hard, hot, and nurturing! did you know?
the machine is us/ing us
a vision of students today consider possibilities! present • engage • assess Introduction to online teaching What happened? What happened?
Scripted themselves, did not interact as much as anticipated. What happened?
Evaluation - Blog posting rubric What happened? What happened? What happened? - feedback Why?
Fun, cool, easy, engaging, personal, vulnerable, community, input, feedback, evaluation & revision loop.

What happened? - response to question and how to instructions… - clarification - instructions
The next semester i got them not to script themselves, but still not as much interaction as hoped, though students really liked the activity and the tool. posturous
qr code generator(kaywa)
wow april 2010: top 10 list: What happeded? What happened? alexandra m. pickett 1. QRcodes -jumpscan
2. quora
3. ipad
4. amplify & posturous
5. audioboo
6. voki
7. diigo
8. ning
9. youtube & vyou
10. glogster

bonus cool:

1. wiffiti
3. January 2011 top 10 list:
pinterest (learnist) april 2012: top 10 list:
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