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African Proverbs and Storytelling

No description

Allison Wolfe

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of African Proverbs and Storytelling

African proverbs and storytelling
By Grace Sherman and Allison Wolfe
Purpose of African Stories
Explain cause, origin, or reason for something
Expresses feelings, meaning, and thought
Entertains, informs and instructs
Make sense of the world
More About Storytelling

A lot can be learned about a culture from hearing their stories
African stories are often put into narrative forms such as song tales, myths, and folktales
In most traditional African societies, everyone participates in some kind of storytelling
African Proverbs
Proverb: "A short popular saying, usually of unknown and ancient origin, that expresses effectively some commonplace truth or useful thought"
Most often used in oral form
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African Storytelling
African stories tend to be oral rather than written.
African stories have been a tradition since the beginning of the African culture and are continued to be in use today.
Important for social or ethical purposes
Purpose of African Proverbs
Make sense of immediate problems
Offers advice and persuasion
Learn values such as peace, social harmony, love for life, respect, and nature
Reveal people's spirit

Examples of Proverbs
"Money is a good servant but a bad master"
"Sweet words lure the snake out of its cave"
"Work done in the right way rewards both the employer and the employee"
"Leave bad things, talk peace"
"When a leaf falls to the ground, the tree gets the blame"
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