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No description

Cheryl Kessel

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Denmark

Imports and Exports to Canada
-oil -medicine
-wind turbines -farm products
-medical products -fish
Population and Climate
-About 5,600,000 people
-18% under the age of 14
-15% over 65
-About 1200 people per square kilometer

-Cold winters from 3 degrees to -30
-Summers from 15-20 degrees
-Denmark is in three climate zones
Boreas influence, Atlantic influence and Continental influence
-A lot of fishing and agriculture for trade
-Currency is the Danish Krone
-1 Canadian dollar is 5.50 Kroner

-The culture consists of art, music, farming, folklore, cuisine theater and so on
-Denmark man Ludwig A. Colding discovered the principle of conservation of energy
-Denmark is so unique because it is considered the happiest country in the world
Other facts
Imports and Exports
-Machinery -Windmills
-Meat -fish
-dairy -meat
-furniture -car parts
-fish -ships
Location and Characteristics
-On the North sea and Baltic sea
-Beside Germany and Sweden
-In the peninsula of Jutland

-Located in Scandinavia (northern european countries)
-The area is 43,000 meters squared
-Part of the Northern Europe Plain (very flat)
Economy and Culture
-The capital is Copenhagen
-The flower is Marguerite daisy
-Denmark owns Greenland
-Danish people are known to be the happiest people in the world
-The official language is Danish
(not the pastry)
imports exports
In conclusion Denmark is a fascinating country with a lot to learn about. I hope you enjoyed my presentation on Denmark. I enjoyed doing this country because one of my backgrounds is Danish. Plus i would love to go to denmark because it seems like a fun place to take a vacation.
tak for at se min præsentation!
by: Emma Zarazun
(oldest flag in the world that was made in 1219)
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