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Team Building

No description

Bella Lugosi

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of Team Building

CH 9: BUILDING EFFECTIVE TEAMS & TEAMWORK ELITE TEAM Fred Mott, General Manager The Tallahassee Democrat Sloppy ad arrived looking like a "rat had run across the page." Rat Tracks Fax Only newspaper making sales spite of customer service record Problems at the Democrat Mott believed further growth could be achieved Team of Mott and direct reports to solve problems Would have gone to print, if it wasn't unreadable... Ad passed through 7 employees Special team of workers responsible for eliminating all errors in advertising. ELITE Team What can THEY do better than a team of Mott and the other managers?? Composed of frontline people led by Dunlap ELI E T minate he rrors Advertising Accuracy- rose and stayed above 99% Born-Again Believer Surveys showed a huge positive swing in advertiser satisfaction Ad sales reps had complete confidence in Customer Service Lost revenues from errors (from $10K to nearly zero) Completely redesigned the process by which paper Impact of ELITE on the Democrat Customer Service was Cross-functional cooperation was required to make the new process work Stimulated and nurtured
the customer obsession SELLS, CREATES, PRODUCES, and BILLS for advertisements TRANSFORMED! HOW DID THEY DO IT?? Stages of Team Development Performing Norming Storming Forming Desired Outcomes HOW CAN WE EXPLAIN
ELITE'S HIGH PERFORMANCE? Forming Norming Establish clarity of purpose Team gets to know each other expectations become clear norms become group identity is formed Storming Performing clear and expected Why Was an Team Needed? Direction Giving Task-Facilitating Roles instructions HELIUM STICK 1. Regular Meetings MAJOR PREDICTIVE FACTORS TO THEIR SUCCESS team's direction
the leader
roles of other members
task objectives Members question team is able to function as a highly effective and efficient unit Core Competence Creative Continuous Improvement Coordinated Roles Accountability Shared Purpose 5. Commitment (emotional) 4. Personal Accountability 3. Performance Goals 2. Special Dedicated Team

o Be clear and consistent
o Create positive energy
o Use commonality and reciprocity
o Manage agreement/disagreement
o Encourage and coach
o Share information Developing Credibility What was his MGT team lacking? Specific
Time-bound SMART Goals Everest Goals ? Line up in two rows which face each other. What About Mott's Team of Managers? Pinching or grabbing the pole is
NOT allowed. Information Seeking Information Giving Elaborating Urging They forgot two things... Monitoring Process Analyzing Reality Testing Enforcing Summarizing Relationship-Building Roles Supporting Harmonizing Tension Relieving Confronting Energizing Developing Consensus Building Empathizing ? ? ? Blocking Roles DOMINATING OVERanalyzing stalling Remaining Passive vergeneralizing Faultfinding Behavior rather than persons
Observations rather than inferences
Descriptions rather than judgments
Behavior related to a specific situation
Sharing ideas and information
Information that the recipient can use
Time and place ELITE Cross-Functional Expertise Recommendations If a group members fingers leave the stick at any time, they must restart. All group members must be in contact with the stick at all times. The object is to lower the Helium Stick to the ground. Interdependence Collaboration Improve Customer Relations Team Accountability Consistency Across ALL Departments O Focus feedback on... ELITE Premature Decision Making Presenting Options REJECTING Pulling Rank Resisting Deflecting
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