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Alignment Group - Sales and Marketing Capabilities Summer 2013

Overview of the Alignment Group's sales and marketing consulting services

Alignment Group

on 15 June 2015

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Transcript of Alignment Group - Sales and Marketing Capabilities Summer 2013

Sales & Marketing
Sharing the Responsibility of Revenue growth through proper alignment.
Evaluating The Sales Engine
Common Client Concerns
Lack of Alignment
Slow Growth
No Growth
Inconsistent Sales Performance
Inaccurate Pipeline
Delayed Closing
Inconsistent Forecasting
Competitive Pressures
High Turnover
Under Achieving Sales Reps
Ramp up Time
Right Salespeople
Skill Sets Vary
Low Margins
Sales Force Not Scalable
Low Margins
Delayed Closings
Not enough Sales Opportunities
Inaccurate Forecasting
Ineffective Sales Management
Poor Selection
No Sales Process
Measuring the Wrong Activities
Ineffective Procedures
No Sales Culture
Lack of Technology
Poor Use of Technology
Our Approach
Current Sales Talent Evaluation
and Assessment

Candidate Assessment
Management Assessment
and Evaluation
Sales Alignment with
Do You have a Defined Sales Process?
Does The Sales Team Follow The Sales Process?
Sales Representatives On Boarding, Development and Training Program
Accountability Standards
CRM Evaluation
Sales Strategy
Sales Impact Analysis
and Observable
Unique DNA of Your Organization
Answers To Questions You Cannot Answer
Develop a Sales Plan From The Findings
Surgical Approach To The Problems
Marketing Engine
Content Marketing
lead generation
lead management
landing pages
white papers
social media
case studies

What's working and what's not?
Reallocate marketing dollars.
Sales and marketing strategically aligned together.
industry experts
Who is Alignment Group?
As a sales leader and strategist for over 25 years, John excels in directing a sales team toward success. His efforts have played an integral part in the growth of companies throughout Maryland and New Jersey. He focuses on creating synergy in sales departments to achieve growth, development of the sales team, management, on-boarding, process enhancement, and the hiring process involved in building a successful sales force.
John Shea
Candidate Assessments
Sales Talent
Acquisition Training
Interview skills
Candidate Sourcing
How to read and understand the assessment
Management Development
Accountability Standards
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