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The People of the Sun

Aztec Project Social 8C Group: Melanie, Brianne and Emily (Pearl)

Melanie Cruz

on 22 September 2011

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Transcript of The People of the Sun

Why do you think the Aztecs called themselves
"the people of the sun?" One reason, they called themselves the people of
the sun because they believed that if
they didn't feed their Gods, blood, the sun God
Tonatiuh would stop rising,
the other Gods would grow sick and died
and the world would come to an end by
If Tonatiuh stop rising, the crops would die and
the people would die too as they do't have anything
to eat. If Tlatoc, the rain God grow sick and die, the crops
will die and the people will be thirsty because Tenochtitlan
was surrounded by salt water.
A second reason was because, at the centre of the Aztecs
calender was the Sun God and because of that they
believed that they must serve the Sun God mainly, and so
they called themselves the People of the Sun to respect
him and pray that the world would not end. Shaping the
Aztecs' Unique
Identity How did their actions and
actions and attitudes
towards others shape the
Aztecs' unique identity? How did geography help shape the aztecs' unique identity ? What were their actions and attitudes towards others? there religion lead them to lake texcoco (swamp/salt water lake), their god (Huitzilopochtli) told them that the land for them is where the screaming eagle was ( an eagle sitting on a cactus screaming )
they settled on the lake , they called their city Tenochitilan.
their city was surrounded by water and mountains which was an advantage when they are fighting their enemies
they farmed on chinampas , they were made in the water ( mud and reed mats) , they piled them on top of each other until they had land ( chinampas), they used these lands for farming. They would mainly go to war with them (so they can capture people for human sacrifice and to conquer them to expand their empire) or made trading/defensive alliances. How did the Aztec's Religious
Beliefs help
shape their unique identity? This was formed during their journey to find a homeland They traded because they couldn't produce tropical fruits where they were situated and the birds they like did not live around the city and their cities did not have deposites of gold/silver. The merchants were also spies for them, drawing maps to show which cities were well fortified How did their beliefs influence the way they lived? and the ones that could easily be conquered. How did they show their beliefs? Aztec Gods Chalchiuhtlicue
How did their attitudes influence the way they interacted with others? is the Goddness of water and
oceans How was their way of life affected by trading with others? How was their life shaped by war? When a baby boy was born his family would give him a small bow and shield to show his commitment to protect the people (Aztecs) Chalmecatecuhtli
: the Goddness of hearth fires,
personal treasures and volcanoes Citlalicue
: is the Goddness of the stars, Earth, Milky Way,
Darkness and Death Ancient Prophecy from Huitzilopochtli states: "We shall conquer all people in the universe I will make you Lords of every place in the world" It motivated the Aztecs to create a great empire :the God of Maize Around the time when the Spanish had arrived the Aztecs had controlled a large empire, larger than any in North America Centeotl To them the society was more important then the individuals, everyone was prepared to sacrifice themselves for the better of their community. Huehuecoyotl
Every young man had to serve the miltary : the God of music,
and merriment To the Aztecs the worst insult was to be called a coward :God of the Underworld
and sacrifice http://www.azteccalendar.com/god/ Their attitudes towards others were during their long journey to their new home. They had been involved in multiple conflicts with other cultures This resulted in them being more disciplined, independant and resourceful They would also go to war with multiple cultures so that that had enough people to sacrifice to the Gods They made alliances (trade/defense) Trading: The Aztecs were good farmers, but it was hard to produce food (most crops were grown on chinampa's so they didn't have much space to farm). By trading they could easily find the best routes (ways) to conquer a city (the merchants drew them maps. General
about shaping
the identity of the Aztec
peoples they built temples in shape of mountains to worship their gods.
because the mountains were so high, they thought that it is
closer to their gods they believed that the gods controlled every aspect of their world so the
Aztecs looked to the Gods for signs on how to live. they had 2 calenders, a solar calender and a sacred calender
The 2 calenders decided what the Aztecs do each day. they had many wars, in which they captured slaves and killed them,
remove their hearts and nourished it to their Gods. they believed that Tenochtitlan was the center of the world which
made them think they can have everything. they had a prophecy from Huitzilopochtli that say that they are
lords and they shall conquer every places they found. Because
of that the Aztecs was motivated to create a great empire. they believed that cocoa beans, hot chilli peppers and
cornmeal gave them wisdom and power so everytime
they conquerred another group, they began to
collect Tribute. Huitzilopochtli
they wrote codices which were books used to record
information about their society.
they killed people, captured by war, for a sacrifice
because they believed human blood fed the gods.
they had a ceremony called New Fire which happenned
every 52 years where a courier would carry a flame
from house to house.
every Aztec was prepared to sacrifice his/her own life for
the good of their group.
everytime they found a group, they conguerred them,
some of the people of the group were being sacrificed,
and the other were slaves, they think of themselves
superior of the other people around them. is the most greatest
warrior some of After 150 years of searching, they found their home, Tenochtitlan. It was a swampy area but they managed to grow food on chinampas. Because of their religion they went to war very often to get sacrifices to give to the Gods. They traded with other cultures nearby to get the things they loved (feathers,tropical fruit, etc) what was the location where the aztecs' settled? how did their location affect their way of life? The mountains were like protection for them from attack, the downside was that it would cause floods and not much good rain would come (droughts).
The lake water around them was salt water so they had to find new ways of getting water
Swampy lake made it hard to farm. How did they adapt their way of life in order to be successful in their location? Chinampas (built by the Aztecs) were used for farming purposes (small strips of land)
To solve their drought problems they built aqueducts so that when it rained they could store the water and take it long distances if necessary.
They made alliances with others.
They used dams to protect Tenochtitlan from flooding. The people they met along the way shaped their way of life as well.
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