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Costal Management at Cronulla Beach

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Uma Naganathan

on 18 May 2014

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Transcript of Costal Management at Cronulla Beach

Management Strategies at
Cronulla Beach

Focus Questions
How are dunes at Cronulla Beach being damaged and eroded?
What groups, individuals and/or governments are protecting these dunes at Cronulla Beach?
What are the management strategies put in place to protect the dunes of Cronulla Beach by these groups?
Which is the most effective management strategy?
How are dunes at Cronulla Beach being damaged and eroded?
Dunes are being damaged by erosion such as weathering. Rain, wind and storms can move sand on the sand dunes causing them to become smaller and soon no longer.
Sand dunes at Cronulla Beach are also being damaged by human activity through recreation, housing/ infrastructure (increase in population), sand mining and tourism.
Today at Cronulla Beach housing has been built right near the dunes and could easily erode the dunes through recreational uses of residents. Cronulla Beach is a popular tourist destination and many tourists are uneducated on the beach so may damage the dunes with no knowledgge of doing so. Due to many people being at the beach on a daily basis the beach is also used for recreation and any hidden dunes may be eroded as people run around on them.
The key question being asked is:
What management strategies are available to protect dunes from erosion at Cronulla Beach?
By Uma Naganathan
Primary & Secondary Data
Field Sketches
Newspaper articles
Coastal dunes are formed by wind
When sand is deposited on the beach then blown around by the wind to the back of the beach (aeolin transportation)
The trapped sand is trapped by low lying vegetation spinifex and as the sand builds up sand dunes are formed
Sand dunes a re important to low-lying coastal areas because they form barriers protecting low-lying coastal areas from high energy waves from anymore erosion
Dune erosion from infastructure
The new residential area being built Green Hills is right up near the dunes. There is also a high density housing right on the beach of North Cronulla.
Cronulla before
The dunes at Boat Harbour (Cronulla Beach) in 1905 were much higher compared to now where has been an evident decrease in the size of the dunes due to erosion.
What groups, individuals and/or governments are protecting these dunes at Cronulla Beach?
There are many people who protect coastal environments like Cronulla Beach. These include the different levels of government- federal, state and local, environmental groups and individuals like locals.

Action Group-
Bushcare is made up of volunteers that presere and regenerate bushland on council land like in the Sutherland Shire. The volunteers protect native flora and fauna, and rehabilitates natural areas for future generation like stabilising sand dunes. The Bushcare program is vry large at the Sutherland Shire, with over 700 volunteers to care for about 3000 hectares of natural areas.
Local Government- Sutherland Shire Council
The Sutherland Shire Council website has beach information to inform the public about what is happening at the beach. The council educating people helps the beach not erode as it says what has been ugraded at the beach, the facilities and what you can and can't do at the beach.
Which is the most effective management strategy?
The most effective strategy implemented at Cronulla Beach is the fences and boardwalks. Though the revegetation of the dunes and the seawalls are good strategies, the boardwalks and fences seem to work well at keeping the dunes protected at a low cost. The signs are also a good strategy but no one is eally there to make sure those rules are followed. The fences and boardwalks are clearly seen. When people see fences they know to not go there. When the areas are closed off by fences the only place to walk on to the beach are the boardwalks. This then makes use of this strategy really well protecting the dunes from any erosion or other damage by the environment or humans.
What are the management strategies put in place to protect the dunes of Cronulla Beach by these groups?
There are many management srategies that groups like the Sutherland Shire Coucil and Bushcare have put in to place to protect the dunes.
Some management strategies include:
Notes in book
Excursion booklet

Dune revegetation
Stabilising dunes help stop erosion and this can be done by the roots of plants. To stabilise the dunes the bitou bush was introduced as the roots of this plant were strong enough to stabilse the dune. However this plant soon came to overtake the native plant species eradicating them from the area. So the government decided to revegetate the area by taking out the bitou bush and putting native plants in its place to stabilise the dunes. This is a long process as you can not ake out all the bitou bush at once or the dunes won't have anyhting to stabilise it.
A seawall was constructed in the 1920s ans 1930s at Cronulla Beach. But these concrete seawalls were not constructed in a proper way so they were damaged and destroyed in the 1941-1961 and 1967-1964 storms. They were also not tall or strong enough to protect the land behing them from the incoming large waves.
But a new wall was constructed in 1986 that cost $1.7million dollars. It is in front of a boardwalk, hill and the carpark. It is on a slant and made of tyre like shapes to soak any up any of the water and then let the water back out on the sand.
Along Cronulla beach there are many signs displaying what can can't be done at the beach. By having theses signs, the public are advised on what the should not do so the dunes stay protected from any damage and erosion. The signs advise members of the commnity not to bring cars on the beach area, not to camp, build a fire, play golf or bring their dog on th beach. all these activities could erode the beach.
Boardwalks/espanges and fences
Dunes are protected by fences. Fences surround the dunes , closing off these dune areas and making sure no one climbs on them which will further erode them. To also protect the dunes from erosion boardwalks have been set up giving people anotherway to get to their destination without having to walk on the dunes.
Cronulla seawall
Dune revegetation
Bushcare sign at
Wanda Beach
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