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Ladies Explore the World

No description

Katarzyna Sarba

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Ladies Explore the World

Ladies Explore the World
Hello, I'm Kasia and this a short story about me :)
My passion is travelling and meeting new people :)
I like both the sea and the mountains :D
I'm 22 and I'm studying English at Jan Długosz University in Częstochowa.
My hometown is 120km from Częstochowa so I'm living in dormitory.
I have one sister Ania who lives in Warsaw togehter with her husband :)
I was together with Basia at the seaside 2 years ago

We had a good time there ;)
During a previous holiday I spent a time on the beach with my boyfriend Tomek ;)
This year I tried also the skiing. It's fantastic ;)
After my lectures I go with my friends to the club to relax ;)
In my free time I like also cycling...
Thank you for your attention ;)
My favourite singers are Shakira and Rihanna
22 years ago somewhere in Poland was born...
I'm studying English at Jan Długosz Univeristy in Częstochowa.
Where it all begins
I live with my family in a small village in southwest Poland, surrounded by natural landscape.
As for my hobbies I like listening to different kinds of music (especially songs sung in Spanish-they sound so beautiful ;D), watching good films and serials, and of course explore ;)
I love to spend my holidays at the seaside :)
I'm a sport fan. I really like to watch football and volleyball matches. From time to time I play volleyball myself and ride a bike. I also support Polish players in all kind of sport disciplines :)
...I could speak a lot of languages (especially Spanish :D and Russian) and visit all undiscovered places... :)
Thanks for watching :D
Gracias ;)
My name is Laura, I'm 19 years old, and I live in Valencia-Spain
I like pets, listening music, watching scary films, running,cooking desserts.
Also I love traveling and always take my camera with me
Last year I worked like au pair in a English family. I was caring for a seven year old girl. I was seven months and it was the best experience of my life, where I learnt english, their cultures, food and custom.
I'm a nice, active, nervous, cheerful, friendly,brave, hard- working.
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