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Rethinking the BWPO New Hire Orientation

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Molly Lodigiani

on 14 August 2014

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Transcript of Rethinking the BWPO New Hire Orientation

Why are we here today?
With lots of New Hires joining, we have the opportunity to create an efficient New Hire orientation
Analyze what works and future beneficial additions
Work collaboratively to create the most effective and successful orientation process
Interviewed 11 of the Medical Management team members in various positions
-Using questions based on an example survey I created with Emily
-Colleagues answered my questions and offered their own personal advice/opinions
Analyzed data and combined the results to present for you today
My Approach
Key Areas
Putting Our Best Foot Forward: BWPO New Hire Orientation
Pre-Arrival Details and Documents
First Day Duties
Based on BWPO Medical Management Interviews by Molly Lodigiani
New Hire Social
All in favor of some kind of social
-Coffee/breakfast or lunch social
-Majority believe it should be collective rather than individual
amount of times a year (4?)
-Maybe ask New Hire before organizing
Delay social to be a few days or even one week after the New Hire(s) start date
-Overwhelming amount of information and meetings on first day

Start Date
Office walk around with assigned staff member
-Introduce to office lay-out and perform quick meet and greets with colleagues
Lunch date with buddy and manager
1:1 meeting with manager
-Allison Luke's Brigham orientation checklist
~Majority deem as necessary
~Individualize template for each New Hire
~Acts as a "gap analysis" on important information
-Review with Allison Luke and/or Maria Marcotte
New Hire announcement
-E-mail key contacts
Introduction letter & schedule
"Buddy" assignment
New Hire(s) Social organization
Clarify transportation/parking with New Hire
Employee Hired!
Confirm acceptance of official job offer
Coordinate HR and Brigham orientation details
Determine space and seating logistics
-Clean out cube and set up computer

"Buddy" Assignment
More in favor of "buddy system" than an official orientation committee
Everyone gets a buddy
Buddy would assist the New Hire in first few days and check-in every few months
-Help with common first week difficulties as well as show popular lunch spots
Hospital tour
Medical director(s) meetings
Establish 90 day goals
-Manager transparency
90 Day Review with Manager
Necessities Before 90-Day Review
Team Additions
Team Binder
-Pamphlet with every team member's picture and short biography
-Seat positions in office map lay-out
-Policy differences sheet (BWPO vs. Hospital)
Ex. Inclement weather policy
Extra Resources
-New Senior Project Managers: Harvard Manage Mentor
-Sending out an announcement e-mail or letter when someone leaves the BWPO team
New Hire Orientation Binder
Recruitment Period
Manager Resource Guide-Checklists
-Create the job description
-Description graded by HR
-Submit requisition form
-Screen resumes
-Work with Admins to get interviews scheduled
-Work with HR to craft job offer
Orientation Binder
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