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Battle Royale

No description

Yasmin Meta

on 8 December 2013

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Transcript of Battle Royale

Major Conflict
The conflict is man vs. man. The plot of the story is that 42 students are placed on an island and are forced to fight one another to the death until their is one survivor. If the students try to escape, a tracking device on them detonates and the student is killed. The students have to turn on each other and kill their own friends and classmates.
Literary Devices
Literary Devices cont.
Literary Devices cont.
Battle Royale
By: Koushun Takami
Ogijima is an island in the Seto Inland Sea. The island that the students were put on, Okishima, was modeled after Ogijima. The island has a population of roughly 200 people.
Pg. 27
"He only felt inexplicably afraid as if he'd seen a ghost."
- It is a simile because it uses like to describe how scared he was to that of seeing a ghost.
Pg. 28
"It was the most terrifying version of musical chairs imaginable."
- The metaphor compares the competition of killing each other to a game of musical chairs.
Pg. 36
" Tahara pointed his gun downward and pulled the trigger. BLAM!"
- The blam was the sound of the gun when it was fired, which is an onomatopoeia.
Pg. 95
"BRRRRIING. The electronic signal rang, and Megumi felt her heart leap out of her mouth."
- The onomatopoeia was the sound of the phone, which frightened Megumi.
Pg. 117
"AIEEEE! Kyoichi screamed like an animal as he suddenly realized what had happened."
- Kyoichi screams after he is shot in the arm.
Pg. 166
"The sun was high and the air smelled like a forest in May."
- The simile compares the smell of the air as fresh as a forest in spring.
Pg. 176
"I'm so pathetic. I'm a fool and a coward. I wasn't able to save her."
- Yutaka appeals to the audiences emotions by making the audience fell bad for him.
Pg. 267
"As Shuya tried to grasp the situation, Kaori stuck her head out from the shack's entrance and fired at Hirono."
- Shuya is not able to literally grab the situation because the situation is not an object.
Pg. 315
"Her body was on fire, as if she were walking in a desert under a burning sun.
- Her body was not literally on fire, but she was hot from being in the sun too much.
Pg. 411
"Still wearing her smile, Mitsuko continued."
- A smile can not be physically worn, but she had a smile on her face.
The theme of Battle Royale is how a dystopian government uses fear to keep the people under control and to force people under their rule. For example, the government forced the children into the competition.
Visual Art
-The Great Wave off Kanagawa is one of the most famous pieces of art in the world. It was painted by Hokusai. The theme is natures great power.
A Thousand Li of Rivers and Mountains is a landscape painting by Wang Ximeng. It depicts ancient China.
"On His Exit"

no one knows
the mystery of your exit

it was sudden
and a labored one

like a modern poem
packed with hasty allusions

now I feel an absence
and often cry

but only to tell myself
'you are gone, forever,
and far away'
- Rajbir Parashar
"Last Line"

I am the last
line of her poem

her last poem
that sings
my betrayal
her own faith
in a person

she knew so well
despite all agony and loss

-Rajbir Parashar
Literary Devices
Literary Devices
Short Story
How the Leopard Got His Spots
Rudyard Kipling
The leopard used to be a sandy color with no spots. He would easily hunt down animals with his Ethiopian friend. The animals being hunted moved to the forest and grew spots and stripes. The hunter couldn't see the animals and couldnt hunt them. They went to a wise baboon who told them that they needed to change their color. The Ethiopian changed his skin color to black and the leopard was marked by his black fingertips.
: The leopard and hunter cant find animals to hunt so they change the color of their skin to camoflauge with the animals.
Yasmin Meta Per. 1
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