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gold rush-jyrah

No description

lib hist

on 25 April 2017

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Transcript of gold rush-jyrah

Gold Rush Slogans and Quotes
" Go for the

Samuel Brannan
Samuel Brannan shouts this phrase to Francisco as he encounters gold making a discovery that would change the world.
S. Shufelt
Sutter Mill
" I have left those that I love as my own life behind and risked everything and endured many hardships to get here. I want to make enough to live easier and do some good with, before I return."
" I reached my hand down and picked it up; it made my heart thump, for i was certain it was gold."
S. Shufelt
" If any man has his health & will work, he can make more than ten times as much here as he can in the states in the same length of time. But many, very many, that come here meet with bad success & and thousands will leave their bones behind here."
If a man who is willing to work and in good health has a great chance to be successful. But not everyone who comes will find what they are in search for. Many of them die attempting to.
“In a private room he showed me the first specimens of gold, that is he was not certain if it was gold or not, but he thought it might be; immediately I made the proof and found that it was gold.”
John Sutter
John Sutter
"Already the gold-mines were beginning to be felt. Many people were then encamped, some going and some coming,all full of gold-stories, and each surpassing the other."
History textbook
" I have left those that I love as my own life behind and risked everything and endured many hardships to get here. I want to make enough to live easier and do some good with, before my return,"
C.N Ormsby
"Neither the crusaders nor Alexander's expedition to India can equal this immigration to California".
Edward Murphy
" I suppose you are anxious to hear something of the gold diggings in California. It is true their is plenty of gold here, but it is very hard to get"
Mr. Sprat Ellis
" We had no grass for our cattle until we passed the Cordilleras of California, the distance being 400 miles, a deep sandy road. We had nothing to feed on except willows and cotton wood."
" Hundreds of men come here and do not strike a lick, and return home without getting any--men who are not accustomed to labor. Some who go to work, make a fortune in a short time."
David Willock
" They sold it for $1155. besides this lump they had piles of gold dust with which they had gone home satisfied. Many others had made their "piles" and returned or returning to their families, to enjoy the comfort of wealth."
" A few days a man dug out a chunk of gold which weighed 22 pounds, and gambled it away at a Monte bank during the night. The next day he went to digging again in his hole"
B.R Buckrlew
" California, no doubt, is rich in mineral wealth; great chances here for scientific capitalists. Gold has been found in almost every part of the country"
In this excerpt Buckelew discusses the incredible amount of gold found in California during the 1840s. This attracted a lot of people from other places.
Joseph Folsom
" It is impossible to foretell what will be the ultimate result of this sudden development of wealth. it is sufficiently obvious,however, that the country will be prematurely filled by a restless, excitable, adventurous, and reckless population."
" Pike's Peak or Bust!"
This means if you are one of those who migrated to California in search for gold, you would have to go to the gold mining site Pikes Peak in order to find anything.
The majority of people who went to California wanted gold for financial reasons. They've traveled a long way just to maybe have the chance to change their life.
The new coming gold miners basically dug up gold to trade it in for money. This was an ongoing thing and it motivated a lot of the miners to search for more.
You may not be able to predict the reason of sudden wealth, but you can assume that the population will surely increase. Not with just people, but the excitement and adventure they bring with them.
When word got out about their being gold in California, people left their homes and risked their lives to go and find gold. Quite a few of these immigrants thought it would be an easy task. They were later on exposed to the difficulty of gold mining.
The trip to California that thousands of people made was not easy. Many people experienced harsh conditions. Mr.Ellis writes about how he had basically no food for his cattle or himself.
There are a lot of men who travel to California confident that they will find gold. Those who were not use to hard work are likely to return home unsuccessful.Those who were had a good chance oof hitting the jackpot.
Gold was a big discovery. it was worth quite a bit and still is today. Gold is not easy to find so when Mr. Sutter was shown the gold he had to clarify and make sure it was actually gold.
Pictures from the gold rush:
People traveled to California for one main reason.Gold. When a miner comes across gold their job is most likely done and their on their way back home.
Gold was worth a lot and not very easy to find. When Sutter came across the piece of gold it made him very happy.
The gold mines began to come together and the people shared their wonderful stories about their experiences when they came.
People risked everything to go to California. They leave their jobs and families behind just to get a chance to make a better life.
The immigration to California was so big that that no other immigration or expediton could compare to it.
" Gold! Gold! from the American River"
California Gold Rush of 1849

the gold rush was a time when many migrated to California for a chance to make a large profit because of the large percentage of gold.
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