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How is 'Money, Possessions, an

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Riley Smith

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of How is 'Money, Possessions, an

How is
'Money, Possessions, and Greed'
an Important Theme in
The Pearl

Money, Possessions, and Greed: An Important Theme in The Pearl
When Kino finds the perfect pearl, many things happen to him and his family at once. One of these things shapes the base for the rest of the book, and that is his sudden love for
money, possessions, and greed
. In this presentation we will go over some examples in the text chapter by chapter. Please, follow along in your book if you like.
Chapters One & Two
Chapter 1
Pg. 12
"Then, without warning, he struck the gate a crushing blow with his fist. He looked down in wonder at his split knuckles and at the blood that flowed down between his fingers."

This is greedy because he [Kino] couldn't wait for the doctor. Even with the doctor lying, Kino had no way of knowing that. There was no reason to punch the gate, to try and destroy something another possessed because the were angry.
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Pg. 50
Kino's face grew dark and dangerous. "It is worth fifty thousand," he said. "You know it. You want to cheat me."

This shows extreme greediness on Kino's part because just because he isn't getting what he wanted, he's turning into a monster. It's almost as if Kino would be willing to kill to get his way.
Chapter 5
Pg. 58-59
Her [Juana] arm was up to throw when he [Kino] leaped at her and caught her arm and wrenched the pearl from her. He struck her in the face with his clenched fist and she fell amoung the boulders, and he kicked her in the side.

Kino is so obsessed with this pearl and what it will bring him that he is willing to hurt his own wife to have it. This is totally horrible and you can see that greediness has taken full control over him.
Chapter 6
--(page 69) 'Through his [Kino's] fear of the dark and the devils that haunt the night, there came a rush of exhilaration...'
This relates to Greed because you can see the greediness slowly taking over Kino, blinding him of any and every danger.

Riley Smith
Block 2

Chapter 2
Got It?
Money, Possessions and Greed is an extremely important theme in The Pearl, but it really isn't hard to understand. In fact, we think YOU could easily find some examples of Money, Possessions & Greed.
When you think about it, Kino, Juana, and Coyotito would never have been running away from the trackers at the end of the book if Kino hadn't been so obsessed with getting 'More Buck for his Pearl'. That represents Money, Possessions, and Greed all in one, because....
1) Greed- he wanted so much more than what anyone would offer him.
2) Possessions- all he was thinking about was that new rifle he would own and how his new clothes would look on him.
3) Money- Kino is completely overwhelmed with the fact that for once in his life, he will have more money in his hands than ever.
In result, Kino's passion for Money, Possessions, and Greed ended up killing his son and almost tearing aprt is marriage.
How does Money, Possessions, & Greed affect the book as a whole?
Pg. 17
...her face set rigid and her muscles hard to force the luck, to tear the luck out of the gods' hands. for she needed the luck...

This is greedy on Juana's part because in most religions, you thank the God or gods you worship, and ask them for help. It seems she wants it so bad that she's willing to try and tear it out of the gods' hand.
Pg. 21
It (news of Kino's pearl) came to the preist walking in his garden, and it put a thoughtful look in his eyes and a memory of certain repairs neccesary to the church.

The priest is being greedy about the money th pearl could supply. It is greedy because he automatically thinks of himself and things he needs, instead of being happy for Kino & Juana, that maybe they will live better lives.
--(page 71) "Whoever find us will take the pearl. Oh, they will try." [Kino says]
This shows Kino is becoming too proud, and he is thinking to much of himself and his possesions.

--(page 74) 'That was his [Kino's] only chance in the world.'
His first and only thought was to kill the trackers to protect his precious pearl. If this doesn't demonstrate greediness, I dont know what is.

Look throughout the book. Search for an example of the theme
Money, Possessions, & Greed
. First table group to find an accurate answer the quickest gets candy. GO!
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