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The 4 Basic Needs of Living Things Needed

These are the 4 Basic Needs food, water, space, stable conditions

Tyler K

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of The 4 Basic Needs of Living Things Needed

These things are needs every living needs to stay alive. 4 Basic Needs Every Living Thing Needs Living things use food as their energy source. Food All living things need water to survive, without water most organisms can live for only a few days. Water Living things need a place to live, for food, water and shelter. Space Organisms must able to keep conditions in their bodies stable. Stable Conditions Autotrophs are organisms that can make food. Heterotrophs are organisms that can't make food. Autotrophs and Heterotrophs An example of autotroph is a flower

Example of a hetetroph is an elephant eating leaves. Example of Autotrophs and Heterotrophs The water helps the hippopotamus need of water. Picture of Animal of Water The raccoon has a tree hole for space. Picture of Animal with Space Homeostasis is the maintenance of stable conditions. It keeps internal conditions just right for cells to function. Homeostasis 1 property of water is its ability to dissolve more chemicals. Water makes up 90% of liquid part of our blood. How many water Whether organisms lives anywhere, its surroundings must provide what it needs to survive An organism's place Some organisms compete for space. Organism's space Other organisms have different mechanisms for maintaining homeostasis. Like barnacles are covered by water. Different Homeostasis A heterotroph's energy source is also the sun. Another Energy Source for Heterotrophs
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