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david mork

on 9 January 2013

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STRUCTURE OF MULTICELLULAR ORGANISMS All Living Things are made of small particles called ATOMS Atoms Combine to Make Molecules Molecules combine to make Cells Cells come together to make TISSUES DNA molecule A Tissue is a Team of cells which all perform the same function Different tissues work together to make ORGANS Plants have organs too ! TISSUES IN A PLANT LEAF.
EACH TISUE HAS ADIFFERENT JOB Organs working together to perform a task form an
ORGAN SYSTEM Flowers are the reproductive systems of flowering plants Organ systems work together to make
an entire ORGANISM Some Organisms are only one cell big.
We call these organisms UNICELLULAR Which atoms would you purchase if you were buying some atoms to make a...

A. Human
B. Frog
C. Sugar Maple Tree
D. Bread Mold
E. Bacteria cell Which of the following molecules would you purchase in order tomake a human being?
Frog? Tree?

A. Water molecules

B. Starch molecules

C. Rust molecules

D. Fat molecules

E. DNA molecules

F. Protein Molecules

G. Oil molecules

H. Ammonia molecules NH4

I. Chlorophyll molecules http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDCmLya-lZc
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