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My Family Tree

No description

Jessica Bertoldo

on 17 December 2015

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Transcript of My Family Tree

My Family Tree
Jessica Bertoldo
Angela Kipien
Larry Bertoldo
Aldo Bertoldo
Rita Scalon
Michael Kipien
Marlene Bodnar
Great Grandmother:
Maria Delcole
Great Grandfather:
John Scalon
My great grandmother and great grandfather moved from Italy to Belgium in 1949 with my grandmother who was 2 at the time. They moved because there was no work in Italy. In June of 1951 my grandmothers aunts sponsored my grandmother and her parents to come to Canada to get a better paying job. My great grandmother, great grandfather, and grandmother (who was 8 at the time) took a boat to Halifax and from there took a train to Thunder Bay.
In 1961 my grandfather moved from Italy to Perth, Australia. He moved because he wanted to travel and to be with his brother who lived there. Than in February of 1965 he took a boat to Vancouver. Than in March1965 he moved to Thunder Bay to be with his family.
Great Grandmother:
Amelia Behun
Great Grandfather:
Joseph Bodnar
Great Grandmother:
Emilia Protz
Great Grandfather:
John Kipien
Great Great Grandmother:
Mary Kania
Great Great Grandfather:
William Protz
By: Jessica
In 1930 my great grandmother moved from Poland to Canada.
She moved because when she was in Poland she was staying with her grandmother and when she passed away she decided to live with her dad in Canada.
In 1910 my great grandfather came from Austria to Canada. He came with his parents, brother, and sister. He came to Canada looking for a better life.
In 1930 my great grandfather came to Canada from Ukraine. He came, on his own, because he wanted to find work and Canada had jobs that needed workers. Immigrating to Canada also allowed him to have a better life.
Around 1905-1910 my great great
grandfather came from Poland to Canada. He came for the opportunity of a better life and for better living conditions. He also came because at the time the government was giving away land in Canada to farm and if they owned the land long enough it would become theirs.
Around 1895-1900 my great great grandmother came to Winnipeg, Canada from Poland with her parents. She came because the government was giving people who immigrated to Canada land to farm. If they farmed the land given to them for a given amount of time it would become theirs. This gave my great grandmother a chance to have a better life.
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