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Logo Anywhere - http://www.skillsloft.co.uk

http://www.skillsloft.co.uk - drag your Logo anywhere before you present on Windows PC.

John Barlow

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of Logo Anywhere - http://www.skillsloft.co.uk

Logo - Anywhere

Windows PC only..
Logo - Anywhere

In Prezi your logo can be used in the bottom left hand side only
What if you could drag a Logo anywhere on the canvas before presenting?
Portable Prezi
- Start the LogoDrag.exe, then the Prezi.exe
(Your Logo - must be a .PNG file and named 'Logo.png')
Make your Prezi full screen and press 'L' to make the Log appear
You can then drag it to where you need it
- Put the LogoDrag.exe alongside your Logo.png file
Download the LogoDrag.exe file
Press 'L' to show the Logo - drag to position it anywhere over the Prezi.
Works online as well
Position logo first
Then full screen..
When full screen - click Prezi screen to get focus again to use arrows..
You can have a transparency colour on the .png image (white RGB 0,0,0, / 0xFFFFFF)
Windows PC only..
Windows PC only..
You can download the LogoDrag.exe file from here:
Includes a test Logo.png
Cost - £2.99
'Alt and escape' to stop the LogoDrag.exe
Portable Prezi
Thank you
Please remember that free / public Prezi accounts will retain the 'Prezi Logo' in the bottom left hand corner at all times..
(click twice and drag)
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