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Road to Chlifa

No description

Cee Morillo

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of Road to Chlifa

Road to Chlifa
Maha and Karim had an argument because of Karim`s unconscious behavior.
" I`m not abandoning you. I`m just going for a walk ..."
Karim decided to bring Jad with him to Montreal where his parents are.
Antoine Milad
Tabbara Family
Beirut- Chlifa, Lebanon
June 1989

Karim was only three years old when conflicts between Muslims and Christians arise.
The whole city was drawn into endless war where young people has no recollection of what Lebanon was like before.
Nada, who was loved by Karim, died together with her parents because of the bombing. Maha and Jad are the only survivor in their family.
Maha invited Karim to set a journey to Chlifa.
Karim was against the idea of leaving Beirut but suddenly he feels the desire to live, not to vegetate.
With the help of Antoine Milad, who is a friend of Karim`s father, the militiaman let them crossed.
Antoine Milad helped and prepared the map and other requirements for their trip.
But to exit Beirut to the north they have to cross the famous Green Line.
Karim made up a story of uncle, nephews and niece story so the militiaman will allow them to enter.
The next day Antoine Milad give a ride to Maha and Karim near Nahr el-Kelb. Their journey continue from here.
Maha met up with a goat and named her as blackbeard. The participation of blackbeard brought so much happiness and humor to their journey.
"I`m going with you, "
he called out.
"God protect you,"
he murmured watching over the three of them leaving
They walked day and night and slept on the field
While climbing on the cliff Black beard ran away and an explosion happened.
"She was alive and now she`s dead. Tell me, how much time is there between life and death? ... "
The secret of Maha is revealed, about the jealousy to her sister Nada.
Karim left Maha and Jad to climbed high to the mountain to see the whole country at once.
When he come to his senses and get back to apologize to Maha, she was found dead.
Karim continue to finish up the jourey to Chlifa with sorrow and regrets.
Yammouneh villagers helped Karim to reach Chlifa.
He also found out that the person they were looking for had died six months ago.
Maha was buried under the shade of the
Juniper Tree.
"No. In a way Maha entrusted him to me. I can`t abandon him, too"
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