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Theme Park Presentation

No description

Chelsey Lyon

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of Theme Park Presentation

Pathfinder My Concept Current Technology Target Market How It Works Features Investment
Opportunity Any
Questions? Thank You! Theme park phone app
Map being biggest feature
Works with RFID wristbands
Gives Guests a more personalized experience S.W.O.T. new product based off existing technology
accessible to many users
User friendly Requires Smartphone and RFID wristbandSome people prefer traditional map New product in untapped market
No existing competitors
Possibility of expansion Possible future competition
Lack of buyers First ever application that plans and personalizes your theme park experience that you can use from your cell phone. In person questionnaire
"Lbs" to show attraction locations and general information
Updates: ride times, weather, and manually set Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Strengths - Most well known theme park in the world
- Most family friendly / all ages market
- Precedent for theme park market Weaknesses - Other parks reaction to our app Opportunity - No recent development and has room to grow
- More interactive product for guest experience Threats - Cost of bands for guests
- Not everyone wants to use the new
technology Average cost to develop an app
Estimated cost to develop "My Pathfinder"
Give Disney the option between either a contract or purchasing the concept Conclusion "My Pathfinder" is necessary for your Disney experience...
Crowd control
Safety reasons

Let "My Pathfinder" be your personal tour guide and make your Disney
experience that much more MAGICAL! Questionnaire
Personal Itinerary
GPS enabled map with re-routing capabilities
automatic reminders & updates
Language options
Wait time and reservations
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