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Employment Services Delivery

No description

Tonya Courchesne

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of Employment Services Delivery

Employment Services Delivery
Our core business:
Resources and Services
Human Services provides employment programs and services in 53 Alberta Works Centres throughout Alberta
Employment Services Delivery
Human Services
People: Helping Albertans find employment and employers find workers
Skills: Supporting the development of a skilled labour force
Workplace: Promoting fair, safe, healthy and productive workplaces
Career Information Hotline
1-800-661-3753 (free in Alberta)
780-422-4266 (in Edmonton)
Building and Educating Tomorrow's Workforce (BETW)
Government of Alberta's 10 year labour force strategy
Extensive consultation with business and industry, professional and labour organizations, education and training providers and Aboriginal groups
Albertans and employers about labour market trends, training and education opportunities
Job seekers to employment opportunities
The knowledge and skills of Albertans along with innovative workplaces
Workers in Alberta's labour market
Employer Focused Services
Business Resources
Aboriginal Engagement
DRES – Disability Related Employment Supports

Workforce Partnerships
Labour Market Partnerships
Workforce Attraction and Retention Partnerships
Workplace Essential Skills Training

Training to Employment Contracts

Workplace Training

Exposure Courses
Aboriginal Engagement
Aboriginal population is the fastest growing in Canada with the youngest demographic with half the population under 25.

Human Services works with many Aboriginal communities with well developed training to employment programs and economic development activities.
Alberta Job Corps
Hands-on employment and training program
Four northern Alberta locations
Lac La Biche
Calling Lake
Peace River
High Prairie
Employer Focused Services
Attraction Strategies:
Employer Connections
Job Fairs - Real and Virtual
Job Postings
Business And Industry Liaison Support
Information sessions - Community-based
Identifying labour pools and groups
Innovative approaches
Workforce on Wheels (WOW)
Living and Working in...the North
Take part in the Working in Alberta Online Job Expo
Working in Alberta Online Job Expo
May 14th and 15th
Registration Deadline:  April 22, 2013
The Government of Alberta is inviting employers in the oil & gas, construction, manufacturing, transportation & trucking, and utilities & warehousing sectors to participate in the Working in Alberta Online Job Expo.
This is an opportunity for you to reach national and international job seekers at a fraction of the cost of traditional job fairs.

During the Expo, you can:
•     Post your jobs openings for job seekers to view
•     Collect and review resumes
•     Live chat with job seekers from your interactive booth
•     Share information about your company

We are recruiting job seekers in Alberta, Canada, U.S., U.K. and Ireland to attend the Working in Alberta Online Job Expo.

To learn more and sign up for the Working in Alberta Online Job Expo visit: www.AlbertaCanada.com/JobExpo2013
Human resources print and online publications
Tip sheets
Employer Tool Kit
Program information
Employer presentations
Employer workshops
Resources and Services
Thank you
For further information:
Tonya Courchesne
Alberta Human Services, Alberta Works
Phone: (780) 778-7192
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