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COACH- eLearning and SM

Would you like to take an free online course or create one for others to take?

colin bill

on 15 December 2010

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Transcript of COACH- eLearning and SM

Exploring eLearning
& Social Media INFORMAL learning
spontaneous and unstructured
like wikis, blogs, or research Not! So how can we ensure good eLearning? What is eLearning? More specifically...

Good eLearning DESIGN! Learning by Doing... "a self-directed work-based process",
underlying all learning is a goal,
learners engage in activities, which tie to prior experience (i.e. context, association)
real-world practice, and failure.
project-based and student-centered (constructivism) Low-effort and low-cost, yet high-impact strategies that we can use to improve usability, learning, and motivation.

add interactive elements, such as case studies, quizzes, and simulations,
multimedia, such as dynamic graphics, video, audio, etc.
clear learning objectives
logically organized content
provide relevant resources
reflection and monitoring Why do so many eLearning material miss the mark - LEARNING? Simply reproduce traditional forms of learning -
virtual classroom

Lecture by expert -
student takes notes.
involves credit, testing, competition, and certifications. Technology driven educational tools and content to help facilitate learning most effectively. "e" Problems with traditional learning Informal online learning environments,
social media and Web 2.0.
Mobile phones, CD, etc

WE create the content together. What is Social Media and Web 2.0? Fundamental shift in way we create and share information online. Manuals, training guides, and PowerPoint presentations are converted to boring and eye-straining online 'page-turners'. Leave learner bored, likely with cognitive overload, and without new knowledge. Tech solutions to engage community members:
Social networking (ex. Facebook and Twitter),
Bulk SMS phone texting,
Webinars, engaging presentations
Video and image sharing
Blogs and Wikis
Customized maps
Shared document

Use eLearning design strategies to make informal learning environments more engaging and, more importantly, increase learning. goal of eLearning should be to create engaging learning environments that interest the learner, challenge her to think and reflect, and to practice new skills. Goal of eLearning... practice of creating technology driven educational tools and content to help facilitate learning most effectively.

The process is based on the principles of instructional design and broadly consists of: eLearning Design 1. determining the current state and needs of the learner 3. creating some 'intervention' to assist in the transition. 2. defining the end goal of instruction rapid eLearnign tools have made it easier to create engaging learnign envorinoments. Good News... Acquiring new knowledge, behaviors, skills, attitides/values (KSAs). 80 6 team memers
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