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The Calder Game

No description

Megan Brinkman

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of The Calder Game

Calder: Calder is a quiet, smart, and sensible 12 year old that has a knack for making and solving mazes.
Petra: Petra is a tall, loud, 7th grader who has a way with words and dreams of becoming a writer.
Tommy: Tommy is a loud and uncontrollable boy who is a collector and has an eye for valuable things.

My Opinion
I thought the book was very exciting and gripping. It held my attention and kept me interested.
I think 6th graders should read this book because it is exciting and has a big plot twist. You should also read this book because it also contained history and a little mythology.
The mystery was solved when Calder was found in a hidden rock room in the falls and when the police found the men responsible for stealing the scupture.
Main Problem
The main problem is that Calder goes missing and that the towns-people dislike the sculpture. Another problem is that the sculpture that goes missing is very expensive and valuable.
The Calder Game
The story takes place in Chicago and a small English town named Woodstock. It also takes place in Blenheim gardens.
By Blue Balliett
Any questions?
I would give this book four stars because it got a little confusing. Other than that though, the book was very good.
The Calder Game is about three smart and cunning 7th graders named Tommy, Petra, and Calder who love art, but hate their teacher. They are especially mad at her when she doesn't allow their class to wander around at an Alexander Calder art exhibit. The kids soon forget that when they hear that Calder is going to go to England with his father in a few weeks.
Once in England, Calder is surprised to see an Alexander Calder sculpture in the tiny town square. The people in the town hate the sculpture though! Calder's dad soon realizes that Calder has been acting mysteriously. Only a few days into the trip, both Calder and the sculpture go missing. Soon, Tommy and Petra are flown in to help find their friend. Are Calder and the sculpture's disappearances related? Have they both been sucked into the Calder Game? Read the book to find out what happens to Calder.
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