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General Presentation


Andrew Tatro

on 8 October 2009

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Transcript of General Presentation

Distinguishing Model Features What does REMI say? sm REMI is the leading provider of regional & national economic policy analysis models Our goal: bridging the gap between Sound Economic Theory Policy Decision-Making We provide the tools for the most
complete economic policy analysis Policymakers then make well-informed decisions based on forecasted results Incorporates transparent, robust econometric model
Built on proven methods and theory Measures economic impacts as well as responsive
economic and demographic changes over time Fundamental elements such as I-O models fully integrated with more advanced elements Each model built to match regional specificity Latest generation of Policy Insight

Comprehensive, complex economic & demographic modeling

Over 6000 fully adjustable policy variables Example Clients State Departments
Consulting Firms
Academic Institutions
Regional & Metropolitan Planning Agencies
Federal Regulatory Agencies
Non-Profit Institutions Structural Dynamic Integrated Customized Sample Results Model Block Structure How do REMI Models Provide Results? Evaluates effects of transportation system changes
Imports travel demand data for analysis
4 added transportation-related cost matrices Model Components
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