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Stephanie Tran

on 23 January 2015

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Transcript of THE BLACK PLAGUE

by: Stephanie Trang Tran
What caused the Black Plague?
A contagious bacteria, "
Yersinia pestis"
, is transmitted by fleas that fed on the blood of rats. Eventually, those fleas infect human beings. Subsequently, some theories states the Black Plague is transmitted by flea bites, contact with body fluid or tissues, and infectious droplets.
Were There Any Treatment?
When the plague is diagnosed, a health provider would give antibiotics (generally streptomycin or gentamycin) immediately.
Thank you!
What is the Black Death?
The Black Death (a.k.a Bubonic Plague, Black Plague) is described as an outbreak of a plague that infected 1/3 of Europe's population in the mid 14 century AD (348 to 350).
Where Did The Black Plague Originated From?
Incubation & Duration
Without treatment, the patient could survive 2 to 6 days (incubation). "The duration of an attack of plague may be from some hours to a month" is cited in the article " Plague- Duration. Mortality. Morbid Anatomy."

What is the Black Death?
The article, "The Medieval World and Beyond" states, "symptoms, or signs, of the plague included fever, vomiting, fierce coughing and sneezing fits, and puss-filled egg-sized swelling bumps (buboes)."

When victim is infected, symptoms appear after 3 to 7 days .
There is no available vaccine yet.
The article "The Black Plague: The Least You Need To Know" describes"The first historical record of bubonic plague is in Central Asia..." It traveled Westwards and spread throughout Europe.
Lets travel through time, to the past
(14 century)
<http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/bf/Danse_macabre_by_Michael_Wolgemut.png> 12/11/14
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<http://www.clipartlord.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/rat3.png> 12/12/14
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Di Tura, Agnolo. “I Buried My Children with My Own Hands.” Primary Source Document. Siena, Italy. 1347. Retrieved 5, December, 2014.

Treatment in Medieval Time
Medieval citizens believed the Bubonic plague could be treated by leeches to extract"bad blood",herbs, pleasing God by whipping themselves, praying for forgiveness, and
masks with a beak.

Causes They Thought Were True:
Medieval citizens believed that the plague is caused by bad air. Additionally, there are ideas of God punishing the people. Furthermore, some thought the plague was caused by the alignment of the planets or Jews and Lepers (poisoning their water wells) .
Knowledge in Today's Society
Knowledge in Middle Ages
The most popular causes the people though were true are: bad air, punishment from God, planet alignment, and Jews/ Lepers.
Unlike Medieval times, scientific research shows the cause of the plague could be caused from Yersinia pestis (from rodents) or bad hygiene.
People treated this disease by using leeches to extract blood, herbs, and masks with perfume inside the beak.
However, we treat the black plague by antibiotics, but we still dont have any vaccines.
People had little educated doctors and ways to prevent the plague.
We have more trained doctors and medical knowledge in contrast.
People lived in dirty conditions and had less technology than today.
Conversely, we have a sanitized environment with more technology.


streptomycin and gentamycin
Lets get a closer look at what is occuring...
Yersinia pestis thrives in rats and from then, fleas feed on those rats. The toxic produced by Yersinia pestis creates damage to the flea's stomach, preventing the flea to consume the blood.
The flea clings to a human and releases some of the rat's blood. Yersinia pestus now roams in our blood.
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