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Webinar "Be Successful at Innovation"

30 min Free Webinar "Be Successful at Innovation"

Elena Ozeritskaya

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of Webinar "Be Successful at Innovation"

AT INNOVATION Innovation should be planned and managed as a core business process The most successful companies
realize their innovations should
start from a Customer Insight
in order to create desirable
innovations! Webinar 12-11-2012 Closed Innovation versus Open Innovation

All R&D in-house R&D partners outside world

Not invented here Copied with pride
= not sold here

Own & manage everything Share and collaborate,
reduce time to market

IP ownership IP in-license and out-license

75% failure 75% success Break-down silo's Embrace diversity! Fresh Insight - Elena Ozeritskaya - founded mid 2012 and located in The Netherlands - consults, trains and coaches managers, teams and businesses in developing successful customer innovations and in-house capabilities.

Fresh Insight – Elena Ozeritskaya – has over 10 years of experience in customer/consumer insight & innovation management within various industries as Fast Moving Consumer Goods and Fresh Produce. "Standing still is the fastest way of moving backwards in a rapidly changing environment" Albert Einstein Key drivers for innovation Technology advancement Changing Customer Needs Changing Business Environment Intensified Competition Why to innovate in the first place? Technology advancement - technology can help companies in for example the service sector make it easier for their customers to receive a service and reduce costs. Metro Group AG in collaboration with Chip Manufacturer Intel and supply chain software giant SAP joined forces to create a fully running prototype of the supermarket of the future in Germany Changing customer needs - demographics show that many markets will evolve from the aging population in the West to the Young middle class Consumers in Southeast Asia... Whirlpool's world's cheapest washing machine, Tata's Nano car Traditional market segments are disappearing or fragmenting - car manufactures now target over 15 segments as opposed to only 5 in 1960s.
As basic needs are met, there is an additional challenge to innovation - and that's determining customers' hidden needs, values and aspirations. Intensified competition - "safe, home markets" are being threatened by "foreign" and "outside their industry" markets. Nippon Bicycle from Japan has taken a significant share of the market by offering made-to-order, highly customized mountain bikes with a fast delivery time. Nippon is owned by Panasonic which has made use of it's logistics to become successful in a new market How to innovate successfully? 2.Customers
at Center 4. Active
Innovation Management 3. Open
Culture 1. Clear
Strategy 1.Set a clear innovation strategy Vision What is it that you want to use innovation for in helping to grow your organisation? How do you want to differentiate yourself from competition? What business are we in? A sense of urgency or passion? Create multi-disciplinary teams and events! 3. Create an open and collaborative culture of innovation 2. Be Customer Centric 3 levels of Innovation 4. Do Active
Innovation Management Stimulate creativity and risk taking All management levels involved: champions, sponsors, mentors
Resource & time allocation
Dedicated Innovation manager
Solid plan with an effective & efficient process, tool and metrics in place Run campaigns Ready to become more
successful at Innovation? In order to "Be Successful at Innovation" Fresh Insight offers you:

In-house consulting, training, coaching & workshops on: idea generation, creativity and customer insight in the front-end, innovation and idea management in the back-end

Flexibility in giving consulting and coaching for you and your team online and/or off-line

Competitive rates, also available on a day and hour rate It's key to involve your customers in every stage of your innovation funnel from insight generation to idea creation, concept development, offer development and evaluation. The most successful innovations start from a Customer Insight! Implement an idea management tool Changing business environment Focussing on products is outdated, people want solutions, experiences, lifestyles Dimensions for innovation Looking for a blue ocean or competing in a red ocean? Set objectives for individuals, teams businesses and have a Reward & Recognition Programme in place Stimulate Creativity Use next to "out of the box" also "in the box" techniques A good insight is always targeted, true and fresh! Clayton Christensen 'What are your customers' "jobs to be done"?' How does "good" look like: Innovation award 2012 for the Angello "Sweet & Seedless Pepper"- guided this project from insight into ideation untill launch responsible for consumer insight and innovation management. Disruptive: Peugeot 206 Involved in development Consumer Insight for Dirt is Good, involved in launch of several successful products as Persil Small & Mighty MY EXPERIENCE Many years of experience in running ideation and creativity sessions on B-to-C and B-to-B level (front end), implementation Idea management tool, running campaigns, responsible for innovation management (back-end) Incremental: parking sensors Break-through: hybrid engine

Learn from experiences and best-practices

Move straightforward and focused towards your goals in innovation

Be more effective and efficient in innovation management and your campaigns

Become more successful at innovation! Value professional support in innovation THANK YOU FOR ATTENDING! Set clear objectives & deliverables

Communicate a clear process & milestones

Offer training, facilitation & coaching FOLLOW UP EMAIL - RECORDING


email: elena.ozeritskaya@fresh-insight.eu
telephone number: +31612496084
web: www.fresh-insight.eu
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