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Sir Frederick Banting

Sir Frederick Banting, a staggeringly important Canadian scientist that helped millions of people with his discovery of insulin.

Vanja T

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Sir Frederick Banting

Sir Frederick Banting LIFE Born: November 14,1891
Died: February 21,1941 LOCATION Born in: Alliston, Ontario
Death: Died in a fatal plane crash in
Musgrave Harbour,Newfoundland

surgeon (Hospital for Sick Children,Toronto)
medical scientist
Canadian Army
Medical Corps
Lecturer (University of Toronto, University of Western Ontario) EDUCATION public schools in Alliston
University of Toronto

IMPACT ON SOCIETY Sir Frederick Banting is credited with the disovery of insulin, a life saving hormone/drug that is used by diabetics. Banting was inspired and introduced to diabetes by a newspaper article. Banting's studies led him to believe that ligatures on the pancreas affected the production of a specific enzyme that in turn controls the production of insulin within the body. He and his partner, Charles Best, tested their theory on dogs. In 1922, the first human tests were conducted. This discovery transformed diabetes from a fatal illness to something that people could control. LEGACY The Banting Research Foundation
grants funding for research to
new scientists and doctors at the start of their career.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS Nobel Prize in Medicine (1923)
Lifetime investment from the government for his reasearch
Knighthood by King George the Fifth (1934)
Military Cross for his heroism abroad (1919)

BANTING HOUSE MUSEUM Sir Frederick Banting's old home is on display as a museum in London,Ontario. OTHER Banting liked to paint
He was the youngest of five children
He was married twice,and he had one son
He was born at his family's farm
"No one has ever had an idea in a dress suit."
-Sir Frederick Banting
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