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Was Magellan worth defending?

No description

Mikaila Vaughan

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of Was Magellan worth defending?

Was Magellan worth defending?
First paragraph
Second paragraph
My second paragraph is about how he made a strait in his journey. Magellan didn’t know that there was a big open space to take but he also didn’t know that the gaps in the strait that he took he didn’t know that the boat was too big for the gaps in between the spaces in South America. When Magellan took the wrong way it took him longer because his boat kept getting stuck in small areas.

Last paragraph
Finally when Magellan went to the philippines he went at war with philippineos. On document E, the war delayed Magellan’s journey because it didn’t last a while. The reason why it didn’t take long is because Magellan was powerful and knew what to do for himself and his crew. When Magellan went at war for just a short time he knew that wouldn’t take him long.

In conclusion, Magellan was worth defending because he was very smart, powerful, strong, and thought everything through!

Did you know that Magellan was strong and powerful so he was worth defending? Well that's what I think, the reason I think he was worth defending is because he was smart, strong, and very powerful. The things I have for you today the i’m going to tell you about how Magellan was on a long powerful journey. I have three reasons why i think Magellan was worth defending! My first will be about how Magellan’s journey, My second paragraph is about how his journey was long and adventurous, and then my very last paragraph is about how Magellan went at war with Philippians.

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