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The Curious Incident of the dog in the night-time

No description

Savannah Hlavacek

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of The Curious Incident of the dog in the night-time

Setting Time: Takes place in the year 1998
Place: All over the town Swindon, England
Importance: Without this type of setting Christopher wouldn't be able to move around so easily Theme The theme of this book has really developed into a story of independence. Throughout the chapters you watch as Christopher keeps trying to figure out the murder of Wellington . Through this journey it shows how he talks to new people, becomes a little more independent, and really starts to break out of his shell.
Christopher's Mother- In the beginning of the book Christopher's mother is mainly shown through Christopher's memories. Although Christopher believes her to be dead she writes him letters constantly that his Father decides to hide. She had a hard time dealing with Christopher's behavior and is often portrayed as someone who doesn't really have much patience. She turns out to be strong and independent but still has trouble dealing with Christopher's behavior.

Point of view and Tone First point of view: The way this book is written is very important. We get the feel of how Christopher thinks and the way he develops throughout the book. If it was written in any other way it wouldn't be as personal or as insightful as a first point of view would. Conflicts The main conflict of of the book is who killed Wellington. We then get into more complicated conflicts as the book goes on. Such as the relationship between Christopher and his father, how does Mrs.Shears tie in, and what has happened to Christopher's mother? Resolutions As the story goes on we find out who killed wellington. This is intertwined in the solution of how significant Mrs.Shears is and what has happened to Christopher's mother.
by: Mark Haddon the curious incident of the dog in the night-time Characters Solutions Christopher's Father has killed Wellington over a fight with Mrs. Shears
Mrs. Shears is actually Christopher's Father's lover. This has happened because of Christopher's mother.
Christopher's mother has moved to London with Mr.Shears. They are lovers and Christopher has just been told that his mother is dead.
Christopher ends up moving in with his mother while his father visits often. I thought that generally this was a good book. The beginning starts off slow and you feel that the book is a bit unusual. As I continued to read it became better. The book never became less unusual to me but the tone and voice became more familiar. I would give it a thumbs up because of the growth you watch Christopher go through. It is a story that people who are lost or lonely can relate to. To me I could relate because of the way Christopher has to grow with his independence but also has to cope with the lying of his Father and the creation of a new relationship with his mother. Review “I think I would make a very good astronaut. To be a good astronaut you have to be intelligent and I’m intelligent. You also have to understand how machines work and I’m good at understanding how machines work. You also have to be someone who would like being on their own in a tiny space-craft thousands and thousands of miles away…” Quotes Tone: The tone of this book is a bit unusual. As it comes from Christopher's view of life it's a mixture of robotic thinking yet a layer of understanding. The overall tone could be called serious as it is a book within a book about a murder mystery. (The poodle is actually black in the book) These pictures were all taken from a play based off of the book The circle in the middle of the map is often referred to as "the magic circle drive" in Swindon “Prime numbers are what is left when you have taken all the patterns away. I think prime numbers are like life. They are very logical but you could never work out the rules, even if you spent all your time thinking about them.” "And then I thought that I had to be like Sherlock Holmes and had to detach my mind at will to a remarkable degree so that I did not notice how much it was hurting inside my head." Christopher John Francis Boone - Christopher is the main character. He has trouble understanding other people and empathizing. He understands he is different than other people which is why he prefers not to socially interact. He excels in maths and sciences. Throughout the novel he starts to gain more independence and gain a sense for himself. He is on a quest to find out what has happened to Wellington, his neighbors poodle who was found dead. Christopher's Father - He doesn't express emotions very well. When he does it is very extreme, either showing anger or affection. He has trouble understanding the things Christopher does which leads to many problems between the two. Christopher's Father loves him very much and caters to his dislikes and likes. He is very protective of Christopher though which leads to Christopher's journey of independence. He lies to Christopher about his mother and is also more tied into Wellington's death than originally though. Christopher and his father's relationship is challenged throughout the novel. This show how Christopher thinks and mainly how he solves problems. He puts himself at the level of Sherlock Holmes. By doing so he can disconnect from the world and break himself off from emotional hurt. Christopher is growing and isn't just a robot that doesn't feel. It relates to me personally because in my life this is how I cope. I detach myself off so there will be less hurt in the end. In this way it helps me relate to Christopher and his character
as a whole. This quote is significant because it gives you a feel of what the book is really about. All of the chapters are
prime numbers. This book is about life. You put them together and you can't figure out the rules or why things happen. To me this quote draws me in. In life I always
want to figure out why this is happening or what was the reason for a decision and in the end I spend all of my
time thinking about it. This quote is important in that Christopher is trying to show that he is not only capable but he is intelligent and has a good understanding of science and math. He is trying to show that although he is different, he can use that as an advantage. This quote is also showing his yearning for independence from his father. This makes a connection with me personally because sometimes I wish to be very far away because I also do not always enjoy social interaction. I'm similar to Christopher in that regard as I wish for independence and also a way to be by myself.
I learned throughout the reading of the book that people are not perfect and you really have find out for yourself who's lying and who isn't. What I'll take away from the reading is to try to understand people around you and to appreciate what you have, because sometimes it can all come crumbling down. It taught me to also appreciate my
friends and life in general but also
show how people can really grow
in life.
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