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nancy's mysterious letter

No description

cheyenne sandford

on 12 January 2016

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Transcript of nancy's mysterious letter

nancy's mysterious letter
mystery book project
the mail man told Nancy that she had a special letter all the way from England . then Nancy drew invited the mail man Ira Nixon in for some hot coco because of how cold it is outside they talked for a while. then Ira said he had to leave so he went to grab his mail carrier and all the letters were gone! so Nancy ran out side but only the little boy Tommy was there and he said he saw a man in a yellow hat and jacket and leave in a yellow car and he was carrying a stack of envelopes when Nancy told Ira this he fainted!
Nancy drives down to see her friend Ned play his big football game a try to find ms. Nancy smith drew but Edgar Nixon is determinant to stop them at any cost he even try to hit Nancy with a rock after she tried to chase ms.nancy smith drew and when she was going to the dance he tried to hit her with a car and during the dance he tried to drop a theater curtain on her
Thank you!
rising action
Nancy found out that Ira Nixon's step-brother wore a camel fur coat and drove a car with a license plate that started with a tj12. that was why he fainted then Nancy found out that the litter she was getting was a inheritances for a Nancy smith drew. there was also a envelop with money for mr.drew then miss skeet came and demanded her 10$ that her sister sends every week and she said some thing about Nancy smith drew so they made a trade of 10$ for her info about Nancy smith drew
Nancy looked for the other Nancy and Edgar Nixon but she saw no one boarding the plain but then she saw a couple hurrying towards the plane so she went and and said "pardon me but aren't you miss Nancy smith drew ? " then she told miss Nancy smith drew that she was being scammed by Edgar Nixon and that he was being arrested at that very moment.
rising action
then Nancy found out that Ira Nixon's step-brother was running a lonely hearts club for 25$ a month and then moving away unexpectedly. then she found out that Nancy smith drew did not know about the inheritance but Edgar Nixon did know about the inheritance. and he was planing on marrying ms.drew for that inheritance. Nancy was going to see her friend play football and he told her that ms.nancy smith drew was the drama teacher and was putting on a play.
falling action
by : Cheyenne
thank you
while they were gone edger robed his brother asking for money he said he did not have any Edgar went tearing threw the house and found Ira's retirement money and stole his one thousand dollars . Nancy was able to find them at the air port and a lady walked up to her and said that she had a friend in the powder room so she went in and a lady knocked her out. then Bess and George went looking for Nancy and found her under a crib
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