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No description

laura murphy

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of lala

nothing better to do? my dog donesn't like ham then read this
this is a piture by bill henson. i love his work,
evan thow most people think that his work is feral and
perverted. i think that people in genral are not open to the throughts and values of others, why is it that by being proude of my sister for up holding her family first values, i get looked down apone by the people that are supposedly my friends. in the fact that i would have done the same are they there for looking down on me? are they saying in there own way that i should not hold that value, or that im there for blinded by the bond that i share with my family. i dont think it matters as it will not change me, or my vaule. i will defend the name of my family, my family and my friends the extent that i see fit. i dont belive im blinded, as i will still tell them when they do wrong. why is it that with sucksess come the idea or the reality of
jelosy. everyone has there own battle and there own story, why cant people see
when some one has worked for something and be happy for them.
when a person has put everything in and is working themselves to the bone, is it that hard to say well
done good on you. when someone has fought there demon or climbed that mountain. the smallest comment can make the world of difference. why should it be a solo fight. and as the waves hit agenst the rock,
cold and coyaled,
with the wind that plays god
it is the pull of the moon that make and bring
the rise and fall,
to olny rise and fall again,
and thow the water smashing agest the rocks will not shoe any scare on the clife
it's nightly torment wil show when the clife curves to the water and wind.
again the water,
clan and healing,
will call that day it's own,
in a row that could go on for thousands of years,

but was it worth it?
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