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Drama BY:Raina Telgemeier

No description

brooke thomas

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of Drama BY:Raina Telgemeier

Drama By:Raina Telgemeier
Main: Callie, Jesse, Justin

Minor: Liz, Bonnie, Greg, Loren, Matt, ,West
Callie:set designer
Jesse: the boy Callie likes
Justin:the brother of the boy callie likes
Liz:Callie's BEST FRIEND
Bonnie: Greg's ex-girlfriend,West's Girl friend, and a mean girl
Greg: the boy Callie did like until he was a jerk to her
Loren: the president of the stage crew
Matt:one of Callie's frendsthe
West: the boy Bonnie go's out with and and the lead male of the play.
The conflict is Callie is the set designer for the drama department and she is trying to make a set like how it is on Broadway on a middle school buget.Callie doesnt think she can do it because she doesn't have carpentry skills. The tickets sales are down and the stage crew is not working well together. But there also is drama off the set too. Callie feels caught in the middle of everything and she doesn't know what to do.
1) Instead of Justin getting the part of the male lead of the play West did.
2)Callie's assignment was to shoot confetti out of the cannon and it was super hard.
3)The stage crew went to the cafiteria to sell tickrts by useing the cannon to attract people to the play and it work.
4)The night of the play Bonnie and West broke up.

Place:School, the mall , and Callie's house
Climax (Turning Point )
The climax of this story is when Bonnie runs off the set and they dont have a female lead and everything started going bad so Jess went on to play Bonnie's role.
The play is done and Callie is not under pressure anymore and she's elected president of the stage crew.
The Authors lesson is that you always have to try again even if you don't suceed at first.
Personal Opinuion
I think the book was good and it was intresting.The book was also very dramatic and it was a comic book and i like reading comic books.
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