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Game Changer

SCC All College Meeting, Fall Semester 2013

Juls Davis

on 13 August 2013

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Transcript of Game Changer

All that we do, begins and ends with STUDENTS!
Theresa Sweeney, SCC Nursing Major
When someone does or says something of a sexual nature that you find inappropriate or offensive:

Indicate your disapproval verbally and/or in writing

Say “NO” to unwanted or unwelcomed advances
Stopping Sexual Harassment
An attempt to coerce an unwilling person into a sexual relationship
Repeatedly subject a person to flagrant, unwelcome sexual attention
To punish a refusal to comply with a sexual based request
To condition a benefit on submitting to sexual advances
Sexual violence
Gender-based bullying
Examples of Sexual Harassment
Unwelcome, gender-based verbal or physical conduct that is…
Sufficiently severe, pervasive and objectively offensive that it…
Unreasonably interferes with, limits or deprives someone of the ability to participate in or benefit from the College’s educational program and/or activities, and is….
Based on power differentials, the creation of a hostile environment, or retaliation
Sexual Harassment
May file a complaint with the college…..
Vice President for Academic & Student Affairs
Dr. Daniel Corr – Title IX Coordinator
Location: Administration Building (AD)
Phone: 480-423-6300

*Procedures outlined in Student Handbook and College Catalog (on-line)

May file a complaint with the Office for Civil Rights

How to report sexual harassment
Must be of legal age
Clear, knowing, and voluntary
Active, not passive
Silence is not consent
Consent to any form of sexual activity is not consent for all sexual activity
Prior consent cannot be used for future consent
Cannot give consent if incapacitated
Resistance is clear demonstration of non-consent
What is consent?
Non-Consensual Sexual Contact
Intentional contact with another person’s body parts, in a sexual manner
Having a person touch you or themselves in a sexual manner
Non-Consensual Sexual Intercourse
Any sexual intercourse…however slight …with any object
Without consent and/or by force
Sexual exploitation
Sexual Misconduct Offenses Include
Sex discrimination and harassment is prohibited by Title IX (1972)
Dear Colleague Letter – April 4, 2011
1 in 5 women are victims of completed or attempted sexual assault while in college; 6.1 % of males are victims
Colleges are required to take measures to stop, remediate, and prevent future occurrences.
Title IX (1974) prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex
Title IX:
It’s Not Just About Sports
Game Changer
August 12, 2013
Welcome to Fall Semester 2013
All College Meeting
Our game has changed over the last five years...
They won't really think we were playing a game right?
Working together, we have changed the GAME at Scottsdale Community College.
Fundamentally, we've adopted a more holistic approach to our work that has been truly a
for us!
In five short years we have...
Integrated Academic Affairs and Student Affairs
Realigned Student Affairs
Integrated Academic and Career Advising
Realigned Athletics
Erased the artificial distinction between Occupational & Academic Education
We have also created...
The Indigenous Scholars Institute
Vets Center and Lounge
30 community advisory committees
Employee Engagement Council
'Culture of continuous improvement'
it's a myth if it isn't written down."
We've launched our Quality Initiatives, our UIP/CIP's on our pathway to renewed HLC accreditation.
We've made SCC2020
In your UIP, you measure
your work against
our Strategic Goals.
What are they??
Student Success
Partners in Progress
SCC, a Great Place to Work
We've created and leveraged innovations through technology
...and it wasn't by
Award-winning MySCC
Live Streaming and Video Conferencing
First MCCCD faculty to offer MOOC and use OER's
Using Open Educational Resources, in College Algebra alone, faculty saved our students over $100,000!!
Innovations in Technology
Title IX, Dr. Donna Young
College Message, Dr. Jan Gehler
"Game Changer", Dr. Mark Milliron, Civitas Learning
Student Surprise
Institutional Advancement and Community Engagement
Communicating, creative design, protecting SCC logo and image, coordinating events, creating and managing web presence/social media, cultivating and stewarding our friends and donors.
(Just kidding....)
Arizona Rosewood Plaque to Marshall Trimble
Honoring Donors
Trimble Scholarship Fund
What do we want to be known for? We want to be known for a place that:
leverages talent
focuses on success for all students
collaborates broadly
meets a real and profound need
A pathway to academic and economic success for students and the community
Indigenous Scholars Institute - Collegiate excellence in Native American instruction, service and development
A neighborhood collaborative bringing economic vitality and quality of life to SOuth SCOttsdale
Three Initiatives
Team Leads:
I strongly encourage you to

But before I introduce him...
Nah, that's just IACE messing around!
Hanna Soto, 3rd grade
Stephanie Fujii
Donna Young
Gia Taylor
NSF Arizona Mathematics Partnership
transformed our learning spaces...
Cracked the code on developmental education
HLC - 35-50 people on one five Criterion teams
Maricopa Priorities - 24-30 people on three teams
(Steering, Instructional and Non-Instructional)
SCC Initiatives - 24-30 people on three Strategic Initiative teams (STEAM, ISI, SoSco)
Over 100 different people needed to assume responsibility!!
First assignment is a repeat, and it's about YOU! Identify someone you didn't know or know well. Connect, call, have coffee, go for a walk. Engage!
Second assignment, also a repeat. Attend 2-3 student events. Take friends or neighbors. Congratulate our students for a job well done.
Join me in the belief that:
Our future is bright, but will demand we actively engage and always do our very best.
Strength of our Artichoke performance lies in our commitment to students and our skills at working together
You have the talent and the drive needed for our success.
Just as you commit to our students' success, I am committed to yours.
You are simply the best!
Theater Program Director, Randy Messersmith
Theatre Program "Hay Fever" by Noel Coward
Concert Band will perform at Saguaro High School

Music Department Program "Little Shop of Horrors" and numerous music events including Jazz, Choir, Orchestra, Cello and Guitar Concerts

Theatre Program "Real Women Have Curves"
Dance Program "Phantasmagoria"
Concert Band will perfrom at Saguaro High School

And there will be many great Art Exhibits throughout the semester in the Arts Building.
Have a great semester! You're Simply the Best!!
Dr. Mark David Milliron
Catalyst for conversation on innovation

WGU Texas, founding Chancellor

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Deputy Director

NISOD Lecturer and Director

League for Innovation in Community College President/CEO
Chief Hearing Officer, Civitas Learning
Welcome to all returning and many NEW Artichokes
Today's agenda reflects our tradition to...
Our Tradition...
(A round of Artieopoly anyone??)
Together, we have transformed this college...
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