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A little of Me

No description

Jacklyn Gomez

on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of A little of Me

Hello My Name is: Jacklyn Marie Gomez I'm going to share a little about me!(: My personal Hobby's:
writing poetry/songs
play piano
bike ride
Do different Hairstyles
keep up with fashion trends
SLEEP I graduated from Riverside High School
Activites i was in included:
Rangerettes (HS dance team)
Speech and Debate
(in picture above that was my freshmen year, rehearsing for a UIL Theater Competition... we advanced\(^-^)/ ) thats me!:D My mom means everything to me, she raised 4 kids on her own and i think she did a SPECTACULAR job! I'm the Baby of the family (18 yrs old now, going to be 19 on November 24) my eldest sibling is going to be 32 (sister). Pictures of my Family: I have only One Tattoo, it was a graduation present from my Big Sister... and i LOVE it My moms Initials monarch butterfly because it's a change of life and they travel everywhere, which i hope one day i do, too. What every girl needs to say everyday:) you can't really tell but this is a
music note because i dedicate
myself to music fun fact: I'm the tallest Girl in my family
I'm right here the new generation: nieces and nephews My niece Mia Alanah Silva Niece Mia and
nephew Johnny-
Mark Lopez The latest addition
Ryan Jacob Lopez My closest Friends: Danielle Gonzalez Marlen Enriquez Iveth Robledo That's all for now!
Thank you! My niece Melanie Michelle Lopez My niece Melanie Michelle Lopez Emily Ann Aguilar
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