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The Lean Team - Final Presentation

No description

Christopher Fruci

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of The Lean Team - Final Presentation

Order activation
Associate weekly hours by project

Wiki builds

Position and location assignments for client user accounts The Lean Team
Final Presentation School: University of Missouri - MBA/MHA Program
Degree: B.S. Biology
Hometown: Kansas City, MO
Fun Fact: Was once the #3 recruited baseball player out of high school for the state of Missouri Chris Busick School: University of Kansas
Degree: Mechanical Engineering
Hometown: Overland Park, KS
Fun Fact: Has been skydiving in Australia Shannon Faucett School: Vanderbilt University
Degree: Corporate Management; Medicine, Health, and Society
Hometown: The Woodlands, TX
Fun Fact: Plays in a rock band that has an album on iTunes Chris Fruci School: Indiana Univeristy
Degree: Business; Math
Hometown: Toledo, OH
Fun Fact: Knows 300 digits of Pi Robert Lahre School: Missouri University of Science and Technology - Rolla
Degree: Business and Management Systems
Hometown: Kansas City, MO
Fun Fact: Plans weddings on the side Thea Plattner Orientation Week Finals Week (cc) image by jantik on Flickr Quality Center Role Shadowing Clinical Adoption Event Shadowing PMO ACE CommunityWorks Lighthouse/Advancement Center May 29th, 2012 August 3rd, 2012 Event Shadowing Quality Center Role Shadowing Clinical Adoption PMO Hospital Data Analysis Lighthouse ACE CommunityWorks Week 5 Yellow Belt Six-Sigma LEAN Work-Out Financial Overview
Analyzing Trends for Hours Billed in ASC (Accelerated Solutions Center)
Determining Correlations in Cerner's Employee Satisfaction Survey Most influential statements on the survey
(P-Val < .05)

My manager, or someone else at work, seems to care about me as a person

My co-workers are committed to doing quality work Work/Life balance CPI Key Successes Heather Leckey - Engagement Leader Gain indepth MethodM knowledge dependent on client action and time constraints

Understanding our teams strengths and weaknesses for future projects Olathe Medical Center Integration Testing 2 John Grice - Engagement Controller Design a multiplayer game to teach new associates the MethodM process

Include all roles

Create a unique set of rules

Represent US Consulting with
creativity, originality, appearance,
and overall effectiveness Joe Pavlecich - Design Architect SurgiNet Team Imperatives Realized Pinnacle Initiative Imperatives Realized Advance Culture of Quality & Accountability

Exceed Financial Plan

Deliver Value (Consultative Partnering) Engagement Management Imperatives Realized Thank You!
Any Questions? Imperative Realized Reduce Implementation Variability
Build out Client Database Powerform Creation Advancement Center Imperative Realized Deliver Value
Measure Value Realized Imperatives Realized Tucker Leadership Lab A unique bonding experience

Great way to push each other out of our comfort zones

A communication booster to start off the Summer Advancement Center is the future of Cerner! Advance Culture of Quality & Accountability
Advance Quality Center
Enhance Risk Management Approach

Deliver Value
Measure Realized Value Advance Culture of Quality & Accountability
Enhance Risk Management Approach
Physician Quality Assurance Program

Deliver Value
Measure Realized Value
Advance our transformation methodology
Accelerate transition to consultative partnering Health Quest New York - FirstNet Cerner-client relationship
Dynamic between three hospitals
"Tell me what you envision."
Honest feedback
"It's not the ease, it's the accuracy."
"It's like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole." ST. VINCENT'S REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER 3rd Floor Nursing Units Hardest and best module
Opportunity to see everything come together
Play domain during orientation
Client feedback during Event Shadowing
Relationships with the nurses, Cerner associates Reduce Implementation Variability
Advance the client base

Exceed Financial Plan
Minimize Resource Constraints
Expand Service Offerings KentuckyOne Health Group - IView

Large group setting
3 Speakers
Helpful Cerner Associates
Multiple levels of previous experience with computers and/or Cerner solutions KentuckyOne Health Group - Blood Bank Health Quest NY- SurgiNet Shannon Faucett INDIVIDUAL PROJECTS KentuckyOne Health Group - General Lab Sudy Hurst - Sr. Practice Manager
Spreadsheet of all EL and EC availability
Craig Julian - Sr. Practice Manager
Editing and linking Implementation Handbook
Emily Tucker - IC Strategist
Wiki build of MethodM class instructor guide Clinical Language
Facilitation of Discussion
Streamlining Workflow with Technology
Balancing Desires of Client with Cerner Recommendations INDIVIDUAL
PROJECTS Doctors Hospital at White Rock Lake Emergency Department Every teaching opportunity was a learning opportunity
Importance of making positive first impression
Hospital lost power for several hours!
Target of both praise and frustration Chris Fruci INDIVIDUAL PROJECTS David Stauffer - Sr. Team Lead
Updating START/STANDARD Content Book

Dave Hansen - Operations Leader
Moved MethodM PMO Sharepoint site INDIVIDUAL PROJECTS Thea Plattner INDIVIDUAL PROJECTS Chris Busick INDIVIDUAL PROJECTS Robert Lahre Small/Personal Environment
Experiencing use of DCW's
Report Generation and Automation
Encouraging Client Feedback and Participation
Intern Versus Associate Mentality Nacogdoches Medical Center, TX ICU, General Care Floors 2 & 3 Actively Communicating with Nurses & Physicians
Applying Acquired Knowledge to Real Situations
Adapting to Problems
Patient Versus Associate Perspective Methods Team: Built an automated system using SharePoint and VBA to facilitate the generation of Cerner's HLA templates

Continuing Education Team: Designed an improved program to automate the creation and emailing of certificates Work Requests - transform associate work requests into a SharePoint
Create link for ease and documenting
Create seperate views for Advancement Center
Create form with drop down, attachments, multiple contacts, and required fields. Three nursing groups from three different facilities Cerner Associate Experience 3 days, 8 hours a day? St. Vincent's Regional Medical Center Emergency Department St.Vincent's Regional Medical Center Physician's Medical Center Terrific Nursing Staff and Superusers
Slow nights = few stories
Working with Physicians Surgery Laproscopic surgeries
Difficult nurse Extremely excited to be back in a hospital setting
Out by myself
Nervous about my ability to help nurses and not get in their way
Greeted with fantastic nurses and great Cerner associates
Building solid relationships with the clients Business Plan for Magnet Consulting Venture Jeremy Eppens, Cinday Stafford, Jean Hampton, and Sarah Parker
Formal Presentation Tomorrow at 4PM 2 minutes X 10
1 minutes X 10
1 minutes X 10 30 seconds X 10 =45 MINS per day Shuttle Bus Improved
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