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Keitt,Core 2

No description

Agassi Student

on 14 October 2015

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Transcript of Keitt,Core 2

Keitt,Core 2,Isabel
Isabel Allende was born in Augest 2, 1942 in lima,Peru. Although her parent were from Chile, they were living in Peru. Her father, Tomas Allende, was Secretary of the Chilean Embassy. Her mother, Francisca Llona Barros Allende, was a homemaker. Isabel and her two younger bouthers, Francisco and Juan, were all born in Peru.
This is Isabel Allende.
This is Isabel Allende when she had a an inerview
Isabel Allende grandfather died in January 1981. Tata [Grandfather] was nearly one hundred years old when he was very ill.This is a picture about Tata death.
Fact:Isabel stared writing a letter to her beloved grandfather, she had no idea it would become her first novel.
How Isabel stared writing
Isabel Allende was born
News writer-Journalism
From 1959-1965 Isabel joins the United Nations as a news writer.
from 1967-1974 Isabel worked as a journalist for the first feminist magazine called Paula in chile.
From 1974-1975 Isabel stared writing novels for the children magazine called mampato
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