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Fun University

No description

Hannah Green

on 16 December 2014

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Transcript of Fun University

Fun University strives to prepare students for employment opportunities in various areas and encourages them towards the pursuit of advanced degrees. By educating through fundamental concepts, knowledge, techniques, and skills, we will provide to students the degrees relevant to the real world. It is through creating future leaders and innovators for commerce, industry, and creativity that Fun University will watch the global community grow!
Thanks for watching!
What about cost?
Our university costs less than most others, because we save money by offering most classes online. We pass the savings on to you!
We offer:
Low-interest loan options
Grants and Scholarships
Supplemental classes for free
Loan forgiveness for qualified degrees
Flipped Classes
Hands-on time with teacher
Learn from your peers
Learn lessons outside class
Work at your own pace

At FU, we recognize the importance of self-driven education!

We embrace:
Sir Ken Robinson's idea that creativity is not learned, but inherited at birth.
Following your passion will lead to better success
Out-of-the-box thinking
Santa Anna's Wooden Leg
UF 100

Throughout history gender equality has forced its way into mainstream education. The positive to sharing these gender roles is endless, yet some could do without. It is important in today’s education system to offer educational classes that show gender equality has evolved and not only in the female form. Gender equality should be taught to all students outlining the positive impact it has and will continue to have in our educational system.

Uphold tolerance
Mary Wollstonecraft
Offer classes that educate on gender issues for free
Life without gender equality

Students are expected to work with a "flipped class model" at home relying on self-motivation.
Majority of work completed on student's time.
Class time more focused around problem-posed education and creativity
This model will periodically test throughout classes to see the progress done in and out of class, also allowing instructors to provide students with grades.
Fun University offers traditional four year degrees as well as technical programs.

At FU we follow Professor Guy Claxton's three fundamental beliefs of preparing, discovering, and nurturing. FU prepares its students to face the challenges of life with a degree by providing them with the resources to face everyday challenges with confidence. FU believes in nurturing a student's education by not requiring classes unrelated to the student's major. This allows the student to focus on gaining the skills needed to be successful.
We want students to become responsible for their own learning, and remove those classes they don't need!
We focus on you and what your interests are so that you can join the world ready for the career that YOU want.
Amber Fouts
Casey LaMothe
Dylan Hammer
Erin Smith
Chandler Bell
Hannah Green
We strive to create a fun, exciting, and hands-on learning environment where you can learn what you want to learn and become the best you possible. And remember...
Having a structure like the Khan Academy, students are able to do their homework in class and work at their own pace.
Fun University's name was adapted from That 70's Show and is used for educational purposes only.
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