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Test prep tips in preparation for taking the FCAT.

Jennifer Kosloski

on 7 April 2011

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Transcript of FCAT Tips

FCAT Reminders Before the Test Be sure to get to bed consistently for 3 days before the test. Sleep loss adds up and can lead to poor performance on test day. Eat a good dinner the night before AND Eat a good breakfast the morning of the test. Warm up your brain by reading at least 30 minutes at home on each of the 5 nights before the FCAT. Reflect on the strategies you will use on the test. Test Day Make sure that you have pencils. Make sure you have your student ID. Know your test location. If you are an ESOL student, make sure you have a dictionary. (Check it out from the library TODAY!) During the Test It’s normal to be nervous, relax and think about the passages.
When you read a multiple choice question, try to come up with the answer before you look at the choice.
Check to make sure you are bubbling your answer in the right place.
Don’t make stray marks on your answer sheet that could make your test unscoreable.
Check the time to make sure you are on track to finish.
Don’t leave any blanks. Pick the “best” answer because it could mean a point for you. A blank means NO points. Preview the text by checking out the text features & questions.
Read footnotes, which are definitions for terms that the test-makers don’t expect you to know.
Underline the main points as you read.
Chunk or annotate the text for easy reference.
Read the whole passage once before you answer the questions.
Pay attention to details. The answers may be in one or more places in the passages. Read the questions carefully. Make sure to answer the question.
Go back to the passage for clues to help answer the question.
Note key words in the questions such as EXCEPT, ALL, MOST, or BEST.
You are allowed to read the passage as many times as you want. Just keep track of time, don’t spend all your time on one passage.
Do the easy questions first, you can go back to the hard ones. Just remember “don’t leave blanks”!
Write on the test booklet as you read. Use circles, underlining, arrows, happy-faces. These will help you to answer the questions. But remember, NO extra marks on your answer sheet. Don’t worry if other students finish before you. Your concern is your test, not theirs! All students work at different speeds.
Finally... Relax--don't panic. Do your best! You WILL do fine! FCAT TEST REMINDERS
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