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Global Media Panel

No description

Agnus Varughese

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of Global Media Panel

Too much? Too little? Newtown Shootings
Christopher Dorner
Wikileaks Olympics
Kim Jong-Il Falung Gong
Tibet 9:30 A.M. on December 14, 2012
Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut
Mass murder resulting in 28 total deaths committed by Adam Lanza In 2010, Wikileaks.org leaked many classified documents
Authorities removed confidential documents
News agencies and reporters broke the story
Allowed people to track the story, access Wikileaks, and acquire documents
The result put many innocent bystanders at risk Founded by Li Hongzhi
Controversial religion that focuses on natural methods of living
Part of Buddhism
Chinese government was initially tolerant of the religion, but later labeled it a cult
Tensions between Chinese government & Falung Gong rose
Chinese government censored all information about the religion While freedom of religion is extremely protected in the U.S., the Chinese government finds it under its authority to protect its Citizens from cult-like organizations. Tibetan Independence movement
Riots & self-immolation protests
With a recent uprising in 2012, the Chinese government decided to use censorship
"Tibet" "Tibetan" "Dalai Lama" The Chinese government rationalizes censorship under protection of its people and public safety. During the 2012 Olympics, North Korea reported several gold medal wins
When compared with data from Olympics, these wins proved to be false Invented the hamburger
Greatest sportsman
Could control the weather
Death Propaganda allows North Korea to appear more powerful in comparison to the western world. 2008: Fired by the LAPD
2010: Appealed but court upheld the LAPD decision
February 5, 2012: Issued a manifesto
February 7: Alleged murder 1 officer & attempted murder of 3 others
February 12: Manhunt led to a cabin in San Bernardino county, CA North Korea listed as second in "Top 10 censored countries in the world" in 2012 by Committee to Protect Journalists. The official Korean Central News Agency said that leader Kim Jong Il is so beloved that after a deadly munitions train explosion in a populated area, people ran into buildings to save the ubiquitous portraits of the "Dear Leader" before they rescued their own family members.
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