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Autocracy by Group Beta

No description

eva eva

on 21 October 2016

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Transcript of Autocracy by Group Beta

By Group Beta
a system of government by one person with absolute power.

North Korea
Autocracies may be stable, but to what price?
we as US citizens have much more rights than most people in those nations.
The Communist party strictly has control of most aspects of the Chinese people’s social life.

North Korea
In North Korea many of the rulers have used political terror to crush their opposition.
Over 100,000 political prisoners in 2014
This terrifies people in social environments and restricts their behavior.

Cuba is a pure example of a dictatorship that takes control of long term over the citizens and their social life.

North Korea
North Korea has one of the worst economic situations on the planet.
Huge amounts of military spending draw money and resources away from agricultural and industrial development.
It is a widely held belief North Korea does not have the resources to survive this century without foreign aid.
North Korea’s economic statistics don’t paint a much brighter picture. With a GDP of just $40 billion (lower than almost every US state )and an annual growth of just 1%, their only strength is that unemployment is at just 1% and falling.

North Korea- Banned
Non-indigenous film
The entire internet
Blue jeans
Any criticism of the government/leader.
Western electronic devices
Non-indigenous TV
All music that doesn’t praise the regime
Making contact with citizens of other nations
Calling their country “North Korea.”
Asking the exact year of Kim Jong-Un’s birth.
There are five main types of religion in China. They are Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Islam, and Christianity.
To join the communist party you atheist.

North Korea
Their constitution guarantees religious freedom, but in reality, any religion not state-run is banned. Even owning a bible is punishable by death.

Since the USSR collapsed, Cuba has been loosening its religious restrictions, allowing complete religious freedom. However, in recent years, Cuba has bulldozed over 1,000 churches.
Cuba's people can't
Use the internet
Travel abroad
Change residence, or change their jobs
Cuban citizens also cannot view any publications not published/approved by the government
Live in the capital city, Havana, without a permit
Refuse to participate in the mass rallies held by the government
Criticize the Castro regime
Go into restaurants and hotels meant for foreign tourists
Join an independent labor union
China - Banned
Jasmine flowers
Video games considered to be violent
Any reference to time travel or reincarnation
Gambling, specifically at non-state run casinos. Even the state-run ones are banned from advertising.
The Big Bang Theory
Alice in Wonderland

China maybe the best-off autocracy by economic standards., mainly due to its large population providing a strong workforce.
The GDP, which is in excess of $20 trillion, grows by 7% each year. China also has an unemployment rate of only 4.1%.

Economic reforms by the Cuban Communist Party have only served to further encourage growth.
Cuba’s GDP is $128 billion in 2012 dollars, and grows by about 1.3% every year. Unemployment was at 2.7% in 2015.

Key Concepts
What is Autocracy?
What are the Economic affects of an autocratic government?
What are the social affects of an autocratic government?
What are the religious affects of an autocratic government?
What are the personal affects of an autocratic government?
Are autocratic governments stable?
What are some examples of autocratic countries?
Key Words
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