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Cross Cultural Communication

Uneven Road to Doing Business

Claire Cubis-Edwards

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of Cross Cultural Communication

Journal Cross Cultural Communication “Uneven road to doing business in Burma”

? Does anyone know where Myanmar is?
Or what the capital city is called? This is the Myanmar Flag The capital city is Rangoon




Ethnic Groups – Burman, Karen, Shan, Rakhine, Mon, Rohingya, Chin, Kachin and other minorities

Population – Just under 55 million

Urban Population – 34%

Labor Force – Agriculture 70%, industry 7% and services 23%

Unemployment rate 5.5%

Schooling – 9 years - post-secondary education is in effect non-existent Social

Number of Internet Users: 110,000

Number of Mobile Phone Users: 1.244 Million

Depleted banking system Environment
Resource Rich

Economy poor (32% live in poverty)

Large gap between rich and poor

Often seen as opaque, corrupt and highly inefficient with a week rule of law.

One of the most least developed economies in the world Economy
British rule from 1824 to 1948

Independence from British colonialism on 4th January 1948.

Military Rule from 1962 to 2011

Nominal civilian parliamentary government from March 2011 Political Ana – No English equivalent. It is characterized by a hesitation, reluctance or avoidance, to perform an action based on the fear that it will offend someone or cause someone to lose face, or become embarrassed.

Hpon - translates to "power". It is used as an explanation for the varying degrees of ethnic, socioeconomic, and gender differences between people in a society.
Hpon refers to the cumulative result of past deeds, an idea that power or social position comes from merit earned in previous lives. This idea is used to justify the prevalent view that women are less equal than men, who are considered to have more hpon.   Other Communication Styles   Cross Cultural Communication Considerations Cross Cultural Communication Styles Other Considerations Ethic Tensions
Forced Labour
Human Rights
Freedom of Expression
Child Solders
Political Prisoners
In your opinion, do you see there being an uneven road to doing business in Burma?
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