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BLACK BOX: Opening the Black Box of Content Marketing

Tekes funded Research project, lead by JSBE, JYU 2016-2018

Vilma Luoma-aho

on 24 January 2017

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Transcript of BLACK BOX: Opening the Black Box of Content Marketing

This high industry demand research consortium opens the black box of content marketing from three complementary angles: we look at the expectations, experiences and extensions of content marketing. We take a qualitative approach and open up its logic through mapping the
content marketing ecosystem

from the user point of view
. In collaboration with our industry partners, we develop tools and organize events to help the entire media industry consisting of various players both big and small distinguish new business from a more sustainable understanding of content marketing built on internationally tested and developed research results and findings.
The project answers the needs of

media business
and other content intermediaries (media companies, blog portals, video networks, advertising and communication agencies) to build new business models

’ need to utilize content marketing and understand it from a consumer perspective

content producers
’ need to make more effective commercial contents which answer to consumer expectations

’ need to encounter and find valuable (but free) online content

academic research
’s need to understand the interrelations and logic of influence of content marketing
internationally comparative

"Finnish companies need to better understand the logic of digital content marketing to stop the money from moving to multinational giants (Facebook, Google, Apple)"

"Black Box" Podcast-series interviewing industry & scientific experts on the topic
Business workshops & seminars with partners, IAB & PING Helsinki
Publications, presentations & articles through legacy and new media
Academic peer-reviewed publications & conference presentations
International comparisons
New global business from deep understanding of digital content marketing
Zone of tolerance for content marketing
New knowledge for metrics
Tools: Content Expectations Ecosystem,
Content Experience pathway, content compass
Results put to action with partners
Effective content marketing that creates real value

Avoided risks and miscalculations

International business development from CM logic
Innovation: Parasocial content marketing

The goal of this research project is to open the black box of content marketing: to find answers to the “
” and “
” -questions behind the impact of content marketing to enable taking on new, international markets.

• Sisältömarkkinoinnin uudet ratkaisut ja mahdollisuudet
• Uudet ansaintamallit ja arvoketjut
• Data-analyysiin pohjautuvan osaamisen ja ansainnan ratkaisut
• Robottijournalismi ja automatisoidut sisällöntuotantoratkaisut

Data & Analysis

Literature review (Theoretical construction)
Quasi-experimental focus groups for parasocial potential (Testing findings)
Data comparison (International research cases)

Interviews or group interviews (Construction of content marketing experience)
Customer journey diaries and check-point discussions (Following customers’ experiences “hand in hand”)
Business tool development (From results to experience tools)

Digital ethnography (Qualitative data of content marketing cases)
Background surveys and media diaries for audiences (Identity factors, activities and contexts of media use)
Interviews (Interpretations of content marketing cases in different contexts)

1. A combination of complimentary qualitative research methods
2. Joint foundation, separate data analysis, integrated results with partners
3. Methodology developed in co-operation with international research partners

Tekes funded research (MediaRemake) consortium project by University of Jyväskylä & University of Tampere, Finland


Consortium leader contact:
Professor Vilma Luoma-aho JSBE, JYU @vilmaluo
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